I find it really strange that vaccines has become political. That I don't understand. Perhaps that in itself tells how inept I am at understanding party politics. But here's the latest from Gallup.

Update: American Public Opinion and Vaccination Requirements


The third graph down is the breakdown by political party. From the article, poll above.

Americans' political identity is strongly related to their opinions about vaccine requirements, echoing similar partisan differences on such issues as vaccination hesitancy, mask requirements and the importance of COVID-19 as the nation's top problem. Very large majorities of Democrats are in favor of each of the five vaccination requirements tested, while slightly smaller, but still substantial, majorities of Republicans are opposed to each. Independents are more evenly divided, although majorities of independents are opposed to four of the situations, with a precise 50/50 split in opinions about requiring vaccinations for air travel.

Just check out the third graph, the number of independents opposed is another big surprise to me.