On my face book this morning.... you can't make this shite up....
This is where I live.

"I want to share a small victory tonight. Walking by College Square I saw some brave Health Dept. workers doing free vaccines... and one yahoo staying in his designated area screaming disinformation. The young high-school age gatekeeper saw the look in my eyes and urged "Please don't provoke an incident!" I calmly replied "I'm considering my tactics. I won't do anything that will hurt your cause." Then I walked up to the Yahoo and started... singing. The first thing I sang was the alphabet song, but it so flummoxed him I kept singing: "American Pie," "Hotel California","Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." He was so frustrated, he kept calling me fat like that was going to make me cry. There was a police officer there, doing his job, I wish I'd caught his name. When Yahoo complained about my "getting in his face", the officer said "He's got the same first amendment rights as you do." The coup de grace was when I sang "I Will Always Love You". Dude was absolutely silent while people laughed. The most gratifying thing was the health care volunteers had a laugh on a stressful night. Which brings me to the point of this post: let's create an Athens music Secret Service, where we stand by and help health care people do their jobs by drowning out the yahoos."