NASTY!! Couldn't choke down the solution, it was so gross.

Concur. It's disgusting. It's also black so whatever you put it in turns black. Hence, coffee. I figured the caffeine boost couldn't hurt either. Southern-style strong sweet ice tea works okay too.

Since dosage is hit or miss you might find yourself mixing another one an hour later if you aren't getting off as heavy as you like. You guys gonna do it together? It's best to have a pal who's capable of following psychedelic conversations.

PIA, there is no mistaking this mushroom for anything except an almost identical edible white mushroom. When you pinch the stem it bruises black immediately, The ring around the stem is also black. It's a very distinct little fellow. The spores are purple-black and that's where the magic is.

The two mushrooms look alike when they have just opened, before the black spores start dropping out.