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"CDC announces dramatic drop in annual head lice infestations in Southern United States..." About 6–12 million people, mainly children, are treated annually for head lice in the United States alone. In the UK, it is estimated that two thirds of children will experience at least one case of head lice before leaving primary school. High levels of louse infestations have also been reported from all over the world, including Australia, Denmark, France, Ireland, Israel, and Sweden. "For some reason, however, there is a low incidence of head lice amongst children of anti-vaccination activists. This is an area that we intend to study." In other respects, the southern United States remains as lousy as ever.

I think head lice should be a choice! Teachers and students have every right to keep their own lice as a personal decision and no one has the right to demand to attend schools that discriminate against people who have them. tinfoilhat LOL