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I re-read these posts. Man, I'm a physical wreck! wink Funny, I don't feel that way, although my son says I "walk like an old man."

Almost everyone our age begins to walk like an old man and I think I figured out something, although I am probably not the first.

I think as we get older our bodies seem to forget to use our butt muscles when we walk!
I know I sure had, and I noticed it several years ago, so I began to consciously make an effort to exercise my butt muscles and it has made a big difference.
And the thing that really surprised me is that it made a big difference in how I handle Karen, when picking her up and putting her in her chair or doing the reverse and putting her in bed.

A few years ago we were given a nice ceiling lift to help with the daily routine, but it's soooooo slow.
Don't get me wrong, on bad days where I'm dragging ass, it's a lifesaver.
But I am back to mostly doing the lifting myself again, and it's my butt that has made all the difference.

USE that BUTT! Make a conscious effort to work that booty, when you walk, when you sit, when you lift things, work that booty all the time, guys...and gals.