Saw a Golden Eagle today. It flew into the crotch of a eucalyptus tree right above my vegetable garden while I was watering. These things are BIG. No mistaking it for a hawk, and besides the hawks around here are all red-tails. The only other big birds around here are owls and turkey vultures, and they look nothing like an eagle. Apparently there are a few Bald Eagles here in San Diego County, but they don't look much like Golden Eagles. I've seen dozens of Bald Eagles eating a seal carcass in the Aleutian Islands.

That's the second time I have seen it up there, but I go water every afternoon, so it might be there more often. Funny thing: It had the same attitude today. Not interested in what I was doing. Just staring off into the distance, looking noble. Like "human stuff" was beneath it's notice.

It's a great perch for a raptor: 270 degree view from hundreds of feet up. You can see about 75 miles on a clear day. I do leave a bird bath filled there. Maybe it's coming for water. Not much accessible water around here.