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Perhaps. But why is this event any sadder or more tragic than any of the rest of the horrible things that happen to humans all across the globe… daily.

Serious question.
I wonder the same thing (briefly) fairly often about a lot of stuff. I’ve been wondering why this young woman’s story has been grabbing my attention, and I confess I don’t know.

Asking the question opens the door to a humongous psycho/philosophical universe of the human condition that we occasionally glance at uncomprehendingly, then go immediately back to sleep.

Some “consciousness” gurus have said that if we humans were able wake up fully on the spot, the shock of it would kill us.

“I dunno, man… maybe I’ll ask the Golden Teacher?”
I've wondered the same thing about my same reaction. My conclusion is, that it is easier to focus on the travails of one cute and innocent human than the mass of ugliness out there. It's a poignant story, starting in such optimism and ending in such horror. But, I've been unusually affected by it. It's so sad.
This topic was on All Things Considered this afternoon TU 09/21/21, second hour: Why do attractive young white girls get the missing person's attention, when hundreds of other missing non-white girls don't. Hmm