Back to gerrymandering. Here's something I know you all don't want to hear. Democrats attempting to gerrymander Oregon. Also Larry Sabato covers the Virginia governors race.

The VA-GOV Polls: 2013, 2017, and now

Oregon redistricting: Tense times as Democrats attempt a gerrymander

This goes back to what I've always said, whenever a political party can gerrymander, they will. The Republicans hold more state trifectas, the governor and both chambers of the state legislature than the Democrats do. So they'll probably gerrymander a couple of more states than the Democrats. Just because one can gerrymander doesn't make it right, but neither party will pass up the opportunity. I don't like gerrymandering, I think it's totally wrong. But I don't blame the Oregon Democrats for doing it. As long as one party is doing it, one can't expect the other to stop or cede whatever political advantage gerrymandering gives them.