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I think the over-reaction to pretty White girls being murdered, is actually a lot more fundamental than we think: Your lizard-brain sees her picture and thinks: "I would do her." Which is understandable because that part of your brain has a very limited repertoire. Then slightly higher parts of your brain register the loss of opportunity.

That is just gross.

"Calm down Sparky, she wouldn't do either of us."

The female deputy who interviewed them while they were detained implied that she was the aggressor and that the relationship appeared toxic. There's a lot we'll never know."

Yep. That's what the police decided when they questioned them separtely.
She was weepy and scared to death and said it was all her fault. He was over there yucking it up with the officer, comparing experiences with each other's women (girlfriend, wife). You know how women are.

There is no way she was faking the expression on her face. She was stricken.

Excuse me but the officers BIG TIME misread this situation.