This discussion i so abhorrent to me that I am not going to mince words.

To ascribe these matters to your reptilian brain is, as I said, no more than an excuse. But if you insist on doing so, I suggest you add that “deep response” to the need for art, for music, for the search for the meaning of life. After all, the oldest art in the world is, I believe, in the caves at Lascaux, at 17,000 years, and I may have read somewhere that older art has been discovered.

While it’s tru that most violence against women is committed by men it’s also true that the majority of men are not violent towards women, or anyone else - any more my own anger, provoked multiple times today, has given me the impulse to knife anyone. - and we know it does’talways have to be the man,right?

More importantly, the reptilian brain theory is very close to instinct, and instinct is not resistible. Instinct can’t be ignored, not for long.

So you’re really talking about socialization, or perhaps anti-socialization, or even social norms and mores. And I will tell you this for nothing: most men are not beasts, nor are they animals.I have met men whose idea of fun is a bar fight. I have met men who beat their wives. I consider them to be worthless uncivilized men, my only association with them secondary, in assisting the women they endanger if possible - unfortunately, not always possible.

Finally - if you are truly one of those who believes women provoke violence against themselves, if you believe that men have some bizarre makeup that makes them dangerous, then I see no reason to allow you into my life for so much as a cup of coffee. After all, you are, by your own description, dangerous. On the other hand, b6 my own description you are ignorant, as ignorant as any anti-vaxxer, and there is no argument you can make against it.

Before you can get all “up in arras,” understand this as well: I think you’re wrong because almost all the men I have known in my life have been non-violent. Some have been soldiers and some of those carried the weight of their experiences to the ends of their lives - not exactly a thirst for blood.

By far the majority of men I have known are human beings, not beasts. You insult them all as severely as you have insulted women.