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Log and Greger, I think, brought up the subject of American car culture in another thread, and it seemed large enough to overwhelm that original thread allowed, so I’m hijacking it here.
It’s an interesting parallel to the Culture topic relating to what culture actually is (like most topics it gets complicated fast and it’s unlikely that any single and concise definition will serve).

The Car Culture seems to be largely an obsession that is dragging us around by the psyche - I certainly have it and rarely see it objectively outside of a range of desires. Just since it was brought up I’ve been astounded at how much of American (I’ll keep it narrow) existence is bound up with cars. I said “obsession“ above, but addiction may be more on point.

We are changing the entire planet’s form and function to accommodate cars…

What if an alien race observes all these cars and their activity at a distance and, upon discovering all the humans inside them, concludes that we're parasites that are infecting them?