I have never been one to blow my own horn, but believe me I have tried. Hmm I just cannot contort that much. LOLI used to dress up back when I sang baritone in the Eugene Symphony chorus. I wore a tux with all the accoutrements when we did our thing. And by the way I could also sing my part very well. Quit your heart fluttering Rick.

When I was back at my 40th high school reunion there was a classmate of mine sitting directly across the seat from us while we partook took of the reunion luau. Her name was Diane Arikake. Bear in mind I am 6’6”. She told me directly “Ken, back when we were in high school I thought of you as an Aryan God”. And she said this directly with her husband sitting next to her. And my wife sitting next to me. I didn’t know what to say so I just responded “thank you”. And then we sat for a while in awkwardness. Perhaps it was her wine talking although Martha was wondering wtf?

But remember Rick…..I am hard to get.