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Original Post (Thread Starter)
by rporter314
I have been closely following all election recounts and audits in search of "rampant" voter fraud (read this to mean voter impersonation fraud vis a vis voter registration fraud). I have often told my many Trump supporting acquaintances I volunteer them to count ballots, in order to prove to themself there was no fraud. Every recount/audit sustained the conclusion there was no "rampant" voter fraud.

Arizona. This is a case in which I would have volunteered every ordinary Trump supporter to count ballots, but that is not the situation. In this recount we have a person who promoted voter fraud in search of the fraud he believes exists. So it crossed my mind ... if he accurately counts the ballots he will find no fraud. So what is the game? Welllll ... he also believes in every qanon conspiracy. So I will speculate he will apply all conspiratorial nonsense to ballots as the criteria for legitimacy. Thus he will throw out a literal truck load of Biden ballots as fake, because they satisfied qanon conspiracies i.e had improper watermark (and these clowns do not know what a watermark is), printer artifacts, etc.

The report will read Mr Trump won because of rampant voter fraud.
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by rporter314
This is not about un-ringing the bell. The certification ship sailed ... the electoral vote count sailed .... Pres Biden is indeed the president.

This is about providing "facts" for the people who believe Mr Trump is the son of god ... he won the election. It provides a palpable rationalization in the face of incontrovertible evidence the election was stolen.

Supporting Mr Trump is a religious act of faith. He is the voice crying out in the wilderness. He is their voice. The voice of disenfranchised ignorance and paranoia.

The impact is more powerful than you may think. I have overheard the words "civil war" spoken in hushed tones by these people. If I should ask any of them would they allow a secret partisan recount conducted by the most ardent Biden supporter, they would in loud chorus say no. But if I point out the obvious, they would say it is ok.
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by pondering_it_all
I read something about a legal requirement the Secretary of State has to keep the ballots safe for 22 months, which has already been violated. So if anything ever goes to court, I think those ballots will be null and void. Seems what is happening in Arizona may also be in violation of federal election laws so this could end with indictments. AG Garland and his Justice Department are looking into it.
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by Greger
Bamboo ballots, eh?

Maybe we could put a partisan team of counters and hackers together to review the results in the states Trump won?

A team made up of BLM members and Antifa. Funded by and bussed from state to state by George Soros.
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by Greger
About 30% of the people are wrong all of the time. You know the ones...
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by logtroll
Originally Posted by Greger
Everyone is lying except Trump.
It's the Highest and Best example of The Con-servative Rool of the Opposite Thang that has ever been in all of history!!!
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by Greger
Trump may be indicted for interfering with an election in Georgia. Time will tell.

And he may not. The political will to prosecute him doesn't exist there. It's just not worth the trouble when so many other important things need to be done. Like censuring and primarying any politician who doesn't support Trump.

The Arizona re-count is a bold example of election interference. Sponsored by Arizona Republicans.

It's not that it can't happen here...It Already Has!
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by rporter314
It would appear AZ Senate president has requested yet another count. So as the {{{{{CYBER NINJAS}}}}} completes their "audit" and "vote count", another company will conduct a "ballot count".

I have concluded (didn't I predict they couldn't disallow enough votes to get Trump the winner???? yes I did) this means as I predicted they couldn't disallow enough votes. So now the strategy is to recount the ballots. And when that fails to get Trump busting through the winners tape, they will do it again. And to place this in some context, the ballots have lost their integrity. They have been tainted by 3rd party non-government entities and have now been exposed to people, news crews etc who have no certification to come in contact with ballots. Now when this fails, they will fall back to new laws which will allow partisan hacks the ability to overthrow elections at their whim.

If anyone does not see this as the end of democracy .... take your blinders off!!!!!
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by Greger
What I don't understand is why in the world the constitution was not followed and the ballots kept in the care of those originally defined as the ones to maintain the security of the ballots.

Ummmm...perhaps you'd like to quote that part of the Constitution to all us non constitutional scholars...?

I'll save you the such clause.

Elections are in the hands of local governments and volunteers.

I have, in the past, put forth the notion that the Post Office should be in charge of elections. They would print, distribute, collect, and tally the votes. Your zip code would become your district.
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by logtroll
I used to think I had numerous friends who "are on the spectrum", but I now believe they are just strange people who are more likely high functioning geeks. It concerns me a little bit that I don't think they are as strange as most folks do...
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by rporter314
Don't give up on Lindell.

A friend mentioned the date 12/25. Maybe you know what that means. wink
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