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by Ken Condon
Ken Condon
More of the same? Same old same old, Yawn? What gets me is the stuff seems to go on and on forever with no end nor resolution in sight. Anyone have any bright ideas?
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by Ken Condon
Ken Condon
Well this was so ridiculously difficult for me to do I hope you guys can open it. And I hope you find it funny after me getting pissed off trying to figure out how to do this thing.

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by logtroll
My own various takes are these:

I have always been horrified at the though of a man raping a woman - if that's cultural, it is persistent.

I used to be horrified by gay sex in either direction, but no more - cultural.

I really can't envision a woman raping a man (or boy), so I guess that's not cultural?

The idea of anybody forcing sex on someone who is not willing is abhorrent. All I know is that my equipment would not be functional in such a scenario.
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by Ken Condon
Ken Condon
That’s an amazing and very personal and disturbing story PIA. That cannot have been easy sharing it with us.
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by pondering_it_all
There was a comment a while back that sex with young people has always been viewed as a crime or a sign of mental illness, but that is just not true at all. If you look at the age of consent history of various states in the US, most set that at 10-12 up until the twentieth century. Then it was gradually moved up to higher and higher ages as women became more powerful politically, stopping at 16-18 in various states. Georgia and Hawaii actually had it set at 14 until 1995 and 2001, respectively.

Many people assume that the AOC is 18 and universal, just because any sexual photography or video of minors under 18 is considered child pornography by the feds, even if a 17 year old photographs themselves and keeps the photos private.

There is a recurrent claim that "children under XX can't consent because their brain is undeveloped", but the IQ equation (mental age / physical age) stops the physical age term at 15 because that's when the human brain is fully developed. There is proof of that, in that kid's IQs don't change if you measure it every year from age 10 to age 20. So there is some scientific justification for a universal AOC of 15. (Italy and Germany set it at 14.) And "near age exceptions" for minors in a relationship.

I think the real problem is not young people having sex. The real problem is predatory men and teens taking advantage of a power imbalance to compel unwanted sex with anybody of any age. I have some pretty intense personal experience with this because my father did some pretty nasty stuff to my sister, from age 7 to age 13. He was a charming, PhD-educated, sociopath, who had her convinced "he knew everything" and could do no wrong. At 10 years old (when I found out) I instantly realized she was brainwashed. She spilled the beans shortly after that when she asked her sex-ed teacher if you could get pregnant from anal sex. Our father was in custody within a day, and spent a while in the state prison for sex offenders. That was so long ago they considered diddling your own daughter as less offensive than diddling somebody else's, so he was not in prison for very long. These days he would have been in there for life..

My point here is that the abuse of power imbalance was far worse than the sex. She actually told me at the time that the sex was very enjoyable! So I guess he was very good at doing what he did without hurting her physically. But he really screwed her up mentally.
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