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Original Post (Thread Starter)
#337455 10/21/2021 7:02 PM
by TatumAH
I thought that since we have discussed the fungal problems in our gardens and bodies, that there should be a place to discuss fungi and their friends, cohorts, and competitors. Greger even facetiously, I think, suggested that the fungal overgrowth problems could be the result of Roundup/Glyphosate. He may even be right, it was bound to happen sometime grin
Welcome to A Fungus Amungus!
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#337629 Oct 24th a 03:08 PM
by TatumAH
Let's begin with a couple of riddles.

What's bigger than a whale, yet hides out of sight? What could fill 250 semitrucks, yet spreads itself thin?

The answer lies in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon and it tries to kill whatever it touches.

But to see it, you have to know what to look for.

It's a fungus.

Oregons humongous fungus Giant myceliar network

Yes indeed most of the fungal world is invisable to us unless we look underground. I found a 8 ft mulch pile covered by oyster mushrooms last year. I attempted to transplant is to my yard, and while digging chunks of the colony out is was very clear that the entire pile was a dense mass of white mycelium holding the whole thing together. Obviously it had consumed whatever it was eating in the pile and was looking for a new food source by promiscuously sporulating.
Fungi come in all sorts of temperaments, some grow on dead material, like the oysters, some reach out and actually help the trees utilize nutrients that the tree cant mobilize and reward us with truffles and Porcini schroom, and some of the network communicate and deliver death threats as parasites to healthy trees, like the largest living organism in Oregon. This organism was developed by DARPA under the direction of James Watt and planted in strategic locations thousands of years ago by using the time machine also from DARPA.

Frankly I'm very surprised that those plant pathologists trying all those abatement tactics and stratergeries never mentioned testing sample of the fungus in the lab with fungicides. They may be afraid of generating a multidrug resistant fungus that gets pissed off and starts to spread much faster in its goal of world deforestation.

Maybe they are edible, they didnt mention if they tried eating them. Perhaps they taste like turpentine!
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#338350 Nov 14th a 03:31 PM
by TatumAH
That's exactly what I told him and even provided links confirming it. He asked me if I had ever tried to light a large pile of green vegetation from the top. I admitted that I had not, and suggested that he let the pile dry out over the winter and burn it from the top in the spring, and I looked forward to help with the ignition. He is tantalized by the Amazon Dark Earth article we have been sharing. He has a large solar panel array on his barn and an advanced heat exchange heating and cooling system using his nearby large pond. Stay tuned.

I found this article and series of comments on using ash in the garden. It is interesting that many of the comments back in 2012 or so and later are dismissive of "global warming" and the main defense of open pile burning was that burning vegetation is carbon neutral and "natures" way. Mainly they are discussing potassium in ash, which should have already leached out of his ash piles in the rain.


K my ash in the Vegetable Garden rolleyes
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