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Posted By: jgw cdc report - 07/16/21 08:02 PM
This report was used to prove that real covid deaths were only 11% of claimed deaths.

Here is what somebody said about it:

Now, is all of this true, part true? What?
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: cdc report - 07/17/21 05:27 AM
At 15 minutes in this fast-talking vitamin salesman with an MS gets mixed up about the total deaths versus the number of Covid-19 patients considered in this paper. This data is from a database of some hospitalized patients, 11% of which were hospitalized for Covid-19. Nowhere did anybody claim all patients in the database died from Covid-19, or that the database contained everybody in the US who got sick. All this number tells you is that their study looked at 540,667 patient records. The hospitalized total so far is 2,317,457, according to the CDC. Then the paper talks about the presence of co-morbidities and their risk ratio. We have known all this for over a year!

Then he talks about anxiety being a huge co-morbidity. But it's actually lack of restorative sleep that is a huge comorbidity, and that is a common side effect of anxiety disorders. That's exactly why many doctors have been recommending the use of Melatonin so you get enough sleep during the pandemic, not ignoring health information on the internet.

At about 16 minutes in he pulls a whopper out of his butt: He says all sorts of Covid comorbidities are because people are not living a healthy lifestyle of exercise, good nutrition, and of course buying all his vitamins. Nobody had to die, if they just did X, Y, and Z. Well most of those who died were old, and they had the usual sort of health conditions that do not go away because they decide to jog around the block and take some vitamins. Not to mention that lots of them were already doing things to control their health problems like taking high blood pressure meds or statins.

He really loves the idea of exercise and nutrition preventing illness, but researchers have found over 40% of young otherwise healthy Covid-19 victims who had recovered from mild or asymptomatic cases had signs of cardiomyopathy. Exercise is the LAST thing these people should do! Doctors recommend you take it easy and refrain from exercise for a few months following Covid-19 to give your heart a chance to heal.

The myth that most of the deaths were not caused by Covid-19 is because of people not understanding how death certificates are supposed to be filled in. Doctors are supposed to list everything. For example, if somebody dies from drowning, they list respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. That was the immediate cause of death, but being underwater for 20 minutes was the main cause! When people died from Covid-19, almost nobody actually died from the viral infection. By the time symptoms showed up, their immune system had killed most of the virus. They died from immune system over-reaction that caused cytokine storm, endothelial damage, pneumonia, heart and lung damage, and clotting leading to all sorts of organ failure. But none of that would have happened without Covid-19.
Posted By: jgw Re: cdc report - 07/17/21 05:34 PM
that was sent to me by my son who tends toward this kind of claptrap. I sent him your response. I wonder what he will say next. He got himself vaccinated but seems to be ready to believe this kind of stuff.

Thanks for the reponse!
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: cdc report - 07/18/21 03:52 AM
Well, if your son stops drinking, smoking, and staying up late, and gets some exercise it won't hurt him (assuming he doesn't have covid). I have no problem with those things. They just are not going to prevent getting sick if you have no immunity and get exposed. They do lead to a healthier life. But I wouldn't pay a premium for this guy's fancy vitamins. The CVS brands are fine.
Posted By: jgw Re: cdc report - 07/18/21 06:14 PM
My take was that vaccinations were a complete waste of time as most everybody dying was dying of things like fear and lack of vitamins.
Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas Re: cdc report - 07/21/21 11:39 AM
I've begun to appreciate the cheap old CVS vitamins a lot more these days, like Vitamin D, for which I apparently have had a deficiency.
I do feel better if I take the following daily....not like Superman, I just seem to feel a little bit better:

D, B1, B6, B12 --- I get plenty of Vitamin C because of all the fruit I eat.
But none of that was going to slow my determination to get vaccinated, and Karen's VA doc even stepped up in March and wrote a letter confirming that I was Karen's primary caregiver and would the nice people allow Jeffery to get his COVID vaccination now instead of waiting until May or June.
So I followed Karen by a couple of weeks, she got hers in March.
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: cdc report - 07/23/21 07:16 AM
It's incredible how many Americans have Vitamin D deficiencies. Unless you eat a lot of oily fish, the only place in your diet you can get it is from fortified milk. Old folks drink VERY little milk. And nowadays, everybody who ventures out in the sun besides life guards and professional tanners, slathers on the sunscreen. So there goes our other source of Vitamin D. The American Endocrine Society recommends 4000-5000 iu per day for teens and up. The FDA still recommend 600 iu per day because of a math error they made about 40 years ago!. And that's what they teach docs in med school. So "Ask your doctor" is usually a path to deficiency. At least in America, most docs will run a Vitamin D level on you, if you insist. In the UK, it's so ingrained the National Health refuses to even run Vitamin D levels on anybody.
Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas Re: cdc report - 07/23/21 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by pondering_it_all
It's incredible how many Americans have Vitamin D deficiencies.

I sure had a monster deficiency.
When the Rona hit, Fauci mentioned that he takes five to six thousand IU daily so once I started doing like Fauci I began to feel a bit better.
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: cdc report - 07/23/21 08:47 PM
Doctors can't prescribe anything without actually consulting with a patient, but when the top infectious disease guy tells us he's taking 6000 iu per day, you would have to be a moron to ignore that. I actually take about 8000 iu per day, because a high (but still safe) level is better for MS: Symptom-free for years!

Some doctor in South America used D3 supplements to get MS patients up to 250 ng/ml. They had to very strictly limit their calcium intake so they didn't get organ calcification, but I think all of them had their MS symptoms disappear. Bad stuff can happen at over 150 ng/ml long-term, so this is not recommended, but it's very interesting for MS researchers. I measure my level twice per year: It's under 100 ng/ml, I take no calcium supplements, and I do take Vitamin K2 to keep excess calcium out of my organs.
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