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More than 100 Republicans, including some former elected officials, are preparing to release a letter this week threatening to form a third party if the Republican Party does not make certain changes, according to an organizer of the effort.

The statement is expected to take aim at former President Donald J. Trump’s stranglehold on Republicans, which signatories to the document have deemed unconscionable.

“When in our democratic republic, forces of conspiracy, division, and despotism arise, it is the patriotic duty of citizens to act collectively in defense of liberty and justice,” reads the preamble to the full statement, which is expected to be released on Thursday.

The effort comes as House Republican leaders are expected on Wednesday to oust Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming from their ranks because of her outspoken criticism of Mr. Trump’s election lies.
We decents can add another feather to incompetent Trump's cap: The demise of the GQP.

I seen this this AM. I'm not surprised. Trump doesn't stand for anything but himself. The 7 time party switcher has in the past adopted whatever political philosophy of the party he belonged to at the time.

The GOP has huge problems, or should I say one major problem, Trump. These folks threatening to form a third party are Traditional Conservatives who want a party that stand for those values. Trump doesn't and never had a political philosophy or ideology.

How all of this will work out, who knows? I suspected something like this. It's been in the works for a few years now. Actually, I think this movement if one wants to call it that began during the primaries of 2016 or right after. Strange as it might seem, you had Republicans who wanted Clinton to beat Trump so they would be free of him. But they couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary. But many did vote for Biden who would never cast a vote for Hillary.

water under the bridge. This will be interesting.
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The GOP has huge problems, or should I say one major problem, Trump..
It's more than just Trump. It's the lying. It's the alternative facts. It's the voter suppression. It's the working against the lower and middle-class Americans. I look forward to the break-up of the GQP.
I've seen this before, where folks think one or the other party demise is immanent. After the Goldwater debacle in 1964, it was being said it would take 20 years for the Republican Party to become a viable party again. LBJ just won with a bit over 61% of the vote, the Democrats had a 295-140 edge in the house and a 68-32 advantage in the senate. Yet two years later the GOP picked up 47 house seats and won the presidency in 1968. So much for 20 years of irrelevancy.

The same was being said after Watergate in 1974, The Democrats had a 291-143 advantage in the house, Carter won the presidency. Yet four years later, Reagan was president, The Republicans took control of the senate and the Democrats advantage in the house dropped to 242-192.

Then came the Republican lock on the presidency with many books written about that during Reagan. Then Bill Clinton won in 1992, the GOP lock didn't last long.

My point is people are always talking about the demise of one or the other political party. But somehow they always bounce back and it doesn't take as long as most pundits or people think. What we're seeing here is Trump inspired. We're not seeing Republican becoming Democrats. They're not. It's nothing more than a battle within the GOP. You may have a lot of Republicans anti-Trumpers, but they're still basically loyal Republicans. They may move into the independent ranks, but will continue to vote Republican. They become Republican leaning independents.

As 2020 showed, some will vote Democratic as they did for Biden over Trump. But they voted Republican down ballot and not for any other Democrat than Biden. I don't know how long this disunity within the Republican ranks will last. The longer it lasts, the better for the Democrats. Can or will Republican pro Trumpers and Republican anti Trumpers unite for 2022? I don't know.

I'll tell you this, there is a lot of hard feeling against pro Trump Republicans down here in Georgia as they blame the Trumpers for the loss of Georgia's two senate seats.
Originally Posted by perotista
...After the Goldwater debacle in 1964....
I wasn't even born. laugh While the more things change, the more they stay the same is mostly true, I think things are different this time, because nothing is normal with Trump. Hmm
people are always talking about the demise of one or the other political party
I agree. There is no demise of a party .... the party has changed directions.

The party of Lincoln became the party of the Southern Strategy just as the party of the KKK became the party of working class heroes, people of color, and other oddballs.

Any reasonably objective person recognized who and what constituted the base of the Republican Party for the past 30-40 years, which all the elected leaders denied vehemently, but for which Mr Trump made public. These folks are not going away. They are crazies in search of an asylum.
What I found out about Trump is that you can throw historical and conventional wisdom out the window. At least that applied in 2016. I've come to conclusion 2016 was an anomaly. 2018 and again 2020, election wise, historical and conventional wisdom were back in vogue. Perhaps in 2016, it was due to having the two most disliked and unwanted to become the next president candidates by America as a whole in our history or since Gallup and Pew Research started keeping track of these thing back in 1956.

What I seen different so far is back when Romney, McCain, Dole, G.H.W Bush, Ford lost, the Republicans moved on past them, went looking for a new face with new ideas. Not this time, they have refused to move on. So perhaps historical and conventional wisdom are once again being thrown out the window when it comes to Trump.
That actually started back when they lost to Obama: They had a big workshop that issued a report saying they needed to make the Party more inclusive to attract Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians. Pretty much every Party leader ignore it.
I remember that. It all was thrown out the window when Trump arrived. But the strange thing is Trump received more Hispanic votes, 32% than any Republican since G.W. Bush in 2004. Trump's 12% of the black vote was more than any other Republican since Ford received 16% in 1976. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that.

The thing is it seems Hispanics in the border state accounted for most of Trump's increase in the Hispanic vote. 37% of Hispanics in Arizona voted for Trump, 41% in Texas and 40% in New Mexico while Trump averaged 32% nationwide. States far away from the border like New York, Trump gained only 22% of the Hispanic vote. Go figure.
Go figure

Well .... don't assume Hispanics are a monolithic voting/issue block. And definitely don't assume because illegal southern border crossings are mostly Hispanics that Americans of Hispanic descent would look the other way.

The shift in voters may be explained in a similar way that black voters switched from the Republican Party to the Democrat Party in the 1930's ... perhaps failure to deliver civil rights in favor of economic gains.

Here's the strange thing about black employment which Mr Trump touted as his signature black achievement. Pres Obama moved the needle on black employment than Mr Trump did for the same period. The difference of course is the black and white of the numbers, Mr Trump's numbers were lower, despite the fact he actually did less, while Pres Obama's numbers were higher despite the fact he did more. This is too hard to explain to ignorant folk, so I don't try any more.

I think you should recognize both the dynamics and volatility of voters, especially independents. I think the most significant change is the wholesale deformation of the party formerly known as the Republican Party, swallowed in the maelstrom of fascism. Perhaps we will be witnesses to the fall of American Democracy as the voting public prefers the idolatry of political cultism.

The current purveyors of Trumpism will forever be known as apostates of Democracy.

God Save America
I study independents and usually discard out the window Republicans and Democrats as I know how they'll vote. Yes, independents are a very finicky group which can go big one election for one party and big for the other party the next.

If you look at the wave elections, it was independents who caused it. Not either party's base. Just looking at wave elections.

1994 independents voted for Republican congressional candidates by a 56-42 margin, the republicans picked up 54 seats and control of the house for the first time in 40 years.

2006 independents voted Democratic by a margin of 57-39 over Republicans.Independents had voted Republican by a 50-48 margin in 2004. That was a swing in 2 years from a plus 2 to a minus 18 for the GOP or a 20 point swing. The Democrats picked up 33 seats and regained control of the house.

2010 independents voted 56-37 Republican over Democratic congressional candidates. The GOP picked up 63 seats. In 2008, independents had gone for the Democratic congressional candidates by a 52-45 margin. In just 2 years independents went from a plus 7 for the Democrats to a minus 19 for the democrats for a swing of 26 points.

2012 independents voted for Romney by a 51-48 margin, close to a wash. Obama won the election 51-47. Independents voted 50-49 for Republican congressional candidates. Total congressional vote was 49-48 Democratic.

2014 independents voted 54-42 for Republican congressional candidates and the total vote was 51-46 Republican.

2016 Independents voted for Trump 46-42 with 12% voting third party. In congressional election independents voted Republican 51-47. Total congressional vote was 49-48 Republican.

2018 Independents voted for the Democratic congressional candidates by a 54-42 with the Democrats picking up 44 seats. Just 2 years earlier, independents voted Republican by a 51-47 margin. Another swing of 16 points in just 2 years. .

2020 Independents voted for Biden 54-41 with 5% voting third party. In Congressional elections independents voted Democratic 50-48. who knows how independents will vote in 2022. But here again, 2 years earlier independents had gone Democratic by 12 points, this year by 2. That a loss of 10 points in 2 years.

So I know about volatility of independents. I watch them closely as independents decide elections, not either party's base. What I have seen is independents becoming less and less satisfied with the Democratic controlled congress, while remaining highly satisfied with Biden. Now independents always give congress critters very low marks. But since the first week of Feb till today, the favorable view of Democrats in congress fell from a 38% down to 29%. Actually a 38% favorable for any congress critter is real good.

Biden over the same timer period started off at 55% approval, is at 53% approval by independents. Way too early to know what all this means for 2022, but I do watch independents real close.
Biden over the same timer period started off at 55% approval, is at 53% approval by independents. Way too early to know what all this means for 2022, but I do watch independents real close.

So after the first 100+ days where big legislation was forced through by Democrats alone, where Biden revealed his moderate leftist agenda, it appears that independents are generally pleased.

I think America overall is well pleased.

So the question is...

What's it gonna take to turn independents away from Biden and towards the party fighting for the return of Trump?

Are independents just watching old Joe and waiting for the first slip up before deciding Republicans should be in charge?

And I wonder...are there a lot of rabid Trumpies among independents or is mainly a Republican thing?

A certain number of moderate Republicans are going to vote Democrat, third party, or not at all if the party continues it's worship of Trump.

It doesn't take much to swing some elections
No announcement from the 100 Republicans. I-should have known they are cowards and nothing will be done. They'll stay put with the thugs that support Trump and suffer in silence.

Patience. These things don't happen overnight. I bet they are talking to Liz.
there's various reasons why independents would switch from voting for one party to the other which cause wave elections. Without doing research, I can just give a few off the top of the head reasons which vary from election to election.

From 1955-1994 the Democrats controlled the house, someone my again who lived through all 40 years never dreamed the GOP would ever control the House. It was just nature, Democrats had the house. For all but six of those years the Democrats controlled senate except from 1981-86. In fact the Democrats had control of the House in 58 of 62 years going back to FDR.

1994, the first wave election since 1948, The Republicans picked up 54 seats and control of the House for the first time in 40 years. I think 3 things, the Democrats passed the tax hike which raised the amount of social security that could be taxed for the federal income tax from 50% to 85%. Old folks votes. There was also the secret Hillary Clinton health care commission along with the banning of the so called assault rifles.

Back then probably like most Americans, Democrats also owned guns. But independents didn't like none of those.

2006, it wasn't in my opinion anything passed by the GOP controlled congress that made independents angry. It was independents like most Americans just became tired of GOP rule, tired of the wars, along with the recession taking hold. Whether it was the former or the latter that lead to a 33 house seat pick up and control, I'd say both. Bush just became unpopular, in came the Democrats and out went the Republicans.

2010, definitely the ACA. by an average of 55-40 most Americans opposed the ACA when it was first passed. leading to a 63 seat house seat gain for the GOP. The Democrats went directing against the wishes of most Americans and paid the price. The ACA remained very unpopular all through Obama. It took Trump to make it popular or for more Americans to become in favor than opposed. Without Trump, it probably still be very unpopular.

2018, Trump is the reason for the 44 seat pick up by the democrats. He was always unpopular, unliked by them even in 2016. He was still unliked by independents in 2020. In 2016, Trump did win the independent vote 46-42 with 12% voting third party against both Hillary and Trump. Add Hillary's 42% along with the 12% who voted third party against both Trump and Hillary, you have 54% voting against Trump. In 2018 Democratic congressional candidates won 54% of the independent vote, in 2020 Biden won 54% of the independent vote. 54% seems really constant.

BIden is still very popular among independents, but the Democratic controlled congress critters are slipping..Biden had a 55% overall approval rating from independents during the first week of February, he has a 53% approval today. Within the MOE of plus or minus 3 points. So no change.

Democratic congress critters have dropped 38% favorable the first week of February down to 29% today among independents. During the same time frame Republican congressional critters also dropped from 29% down to 25% today. Just keep in mind, independents always have very low or a very negative impression of congress regardless of who is in control.

Biden has continued to be popular with independents. Perhaps because he has stayed out of the news, out of the limelight or spot light. Besides he well liked by independents as a person which kind of puts a shield around him, but not around congress. Being liked as a person is very important when it comes to elections. Reagan, Bill Clinton, Obama were all well liked as a person among independents. They all won reelection even though their fellow party members in congress weren't and lost big time seats.

Being liked as a person saves the president, but not their seats in congress. Although Reagan was well liked, his party lost 26 seats in the house in 1982, Reagan was reelected in 1984 by a landslide. Bill Clinton lost 54 house seats in 1994, he won reelection in 1996 by 9 points but only gained 4 house seats. Clinton's popularity and likeability didn't include congressional Democrats. Obama lost 63 house seats in 2010, he won reelection fairly easily in 2012 but once again his likeability didn't include his party's congressional candidates, picking up 8 seats.

Another way to put it, perhaps likeability as a person can be tied to charisma of a president. Reagan, Bill Clinton, Obama were the most charismatic presidents since JFK. All remained popular among America as a whole. But their popularity didn't include congressional party members. One could say if something went wrong, they basically didn't get the blame, congress did. What all this means for 2022 remains to be seen. Especially among independents who are very finicky.
I don't think you addressed the change in character of the GOP.

There can be no other conclusion regarding the new voting laws written by the Heritage Foundation passed by state houses, than it is overall restrictive and geared to disenfranchise a segment of the population which is thought to predominantly Democrat leaning. The Heritage Foundation is only interested in maintaining their hold on power, Republican power, hard conservative power for as long as possible. How do independents feel about that?

The Republican Party has for at least the past 50 years been the catchall for the disaffected bigots in America. The Party leadership has denied it but Mr Trump exposed their lies. The Republican Base is for the most part a bunch of bigots. They hate Muslims .... they hate non-heterosexuals ... they hate non-whites ... they hate Democrats ... gee, their hatred is simply unlimited. Issues don't really matter for these folks. How do independents feel about that?

The Republican Party has become a party who has denied everything. They deny the basic facts of reality. You may debate whether Mr Trump incited a crowd to attempt to overthrow the government but what can not be denied are the basic facts. Mr Trump invited the crowd to attend Jan 6. The people who planned bombs, attended in combat gear, prepared for an assault, etc would not have been there if not invited on Jan 6. The overall substance of Mr Trump's speech was not to march peacefully but to march on the Capitol and take back their country for Mr Trump. Republicans deny Mr Trump was involved. How do independents feel about that?

The Nazi and Communist parties elicited fealty to their leaders, not to their politics, and now we have the Republican Party posting a purity test on all members in good standing. They must pledge their fealty to Mr Trump. Republicans have now joined the once hated parties of fascist dictators. How do independents feel about that?
there's various reasons why independents would switch from voting for one party to the other...

That's not what I asked. None of those past races had the same dynamics. This Trump thing is new territory.

In 2022 a lot of Republican candidates are going to be Trumpies.

I think it's not going to play well with a majority of independents.

Hell, it's already not playing well with a bunch of Republicans.
No doubt the Republican Party has a Trump problem. Normally it's the party in power that gets all or most of the attention, not the party out of power. So Trump still being around and calling the shots is indeed new territory. The republicans are still getting quite a lot of attention and none of it is good. This is new, the GOP moved on to fresh faces with new ideas after other presidential losses. After Romney, after McCain, after Dole, G.H.W. Bush, Ford etc. This is the first time in my memory that the GOP is sticking with a loser instead of moving on. Now Dewey may qualify as he was nominated twice and lost twice, Stevenson could also on the Democratic side. I remember the Eisenhower/Stevenson election of 1956 as that was when I first became interested in politics. Watching both conventions on TV.

I can take the numbers I have today from independents and tell you how I think the election will turnout. But tomorrow, I could have a whole set of different numbers which makes what I said today, irrelevant.

Have you ever heard of what I call rent a district? It's districts that are historical one party that for some reason the other party wins. One could say in 2010 the Democrats were really overextended by winning long held Republican districts in 2006 and 2008. That rubber band was all set to snap back to normalcy. I also think in 2018 the Democrats who picked up 44 seats were probably at least 20 seats overextended. The fact that the GOP picked up 13 of those seats during a presidential year and not a midterm, was a shock. At least to me. But this is good news for the democrats as the normal adjustment back to historical standards has been mostly accomplished.

Now those were on the old district map, not the new one which has yet to be drawn. So no house predictions. Senate wise, today it looks as if 29 out of 34 senate races are fairly solid or likely to stay with the party that holds those senate seats today. NH and Georgia are the two Democratic seats at risk of switching, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin are the three Republican seats.

How does one work the Trump factor in for the midterms of 2022? Will he still be a factor or will he fade? Independents, The numbers show independents are souring on Democratic congressional critters, but not on Biden. Numbers don't tell me why, just that they are. It could be something as simple as independents don't like Pelosi, 30% favorable/60% unfavorable. She's the face of Democratic congressional critters and gets a lot of face time. McCarthy, he's relatively unknown among independents, 30% of independents haven't even heard of him. But his numbers 24% favorable, 45% unfavorable.

McConnell, independents really dislike him, 21% favorable, 61% unfavorable vs. Schumer's 30% favorable, 53% unfavorable. Then there is the congressional favorable/unfavorable as a whole. Democrats in congress 29% favorable/59% unfavorable, Republicans 28% favorable/60% unfavorable. Generic congressional poll which to me is meaningless since it's nationwide and the new districts hasn't been drawn yet, but others put a lot of stock in it. 47% Democratic, 42% Republican.

I've found out one thing that is relevant, the more face time Trump gets, the more independents favor Democrats. The more face time Pelosi gets, independents the less independents favor Democrats and move toward the GOP. The more face time McConnell gets, the more independents favor Democrats. Schumer has stayed quiet which could be why at the moment it looks like the democrats will pick up a couple of seats in the senate.

Strange how face time and media attention seems to work against who gets the face time and media attention the most. At least with independents. Biden, has stayed basically hidden, he doing great among independents, Pelosi has had more face time, she's doing horribly along with McConnell. Isn't it interesting that Pelosi and McConnell have basically the same positive/negative numbers among independents. One the face of the House, the other the face of the senate.

Independents are definitely a finicky sort of bunch.
Isn't it interesting that Pelosi and McConnell have basically the same positive/negative numbers among independents. One the face of the House, the other the face of the senate.

So why do you imagine that the minority leader is the face of the senate?

McConnel is the face of the Republican Party. And it isn't a pretty face. Even Republicans don't like it.

Republican success in 2022 depends on perceived Democratic failure or overreach. Many Republicans who have "left" the party will surely return, they are conservatives after all. But I suspect a few MAGA candidates will fall in the midterms....or at least there is some chance they will.

I'm not tracking races or polls, I'm watching the mood of the nation...It's currently "hopeful".,,,

I aint sayin' nuthin' gonna happen to change that, but the crowd seems pretty benevolent right now. Republicans are going to have to make America angry at Joe Biden and the Democrats if they hope to gain seats.

Usually it's easy...

I'm just wondering what it's gonna be, what the straw will be that breaks the 50% camel's back.

Given the current iteration of the Republican Party.
Perhaps I should have said minority leader. But McConnell gets the face time while Schumer remains in the background. Just like Pelosi gets the face time in the house with McCarthy in the background.

Congressional job approval is currently at 35.3%, disapproval at 56.8%.

But what does that mean. Maybe just that most Americans don't like what is happening in congress of the way both parties are behaving or just take a SWAG as no one really knows.

Now Democrats should give higher approval of congress since they are in control, they do: 40/32 approve/disapprove with 20% neither approve nor disapprove. Republican since they're in the minority one would expect them to be very disapproving of congress. which they are: 17/70 approve/disapprove with 10% neither approving nor disapproving. Which leaves us with independents, 15/60 approve/disapprove with 14% neither approving nor disapproving. So are independents disapproving because the two major parties aren't cooperating with each other or compromising? Probably, but again take a SWAG as one really doesn't know since no reasons are given. Now since independents are very disappointed in the current congress, which party will they take their disappointment out on? The one in control or the one that's in the minority? I don't know. History shows that it is usually the party in control, but in the era of Trump, all bets are off.

So what is the mood of these independents? Without polls, there really is no way to tell, that I know of. One thing for certain, independents aren't happy with either major party's congressional critters, 28/60 Republican favorable/unfavorable, 29/59 Democratic favorable/unfavorable.So with all of these numbers fairly even, why is the generic congressional poll favoring the democrats 47-42 over Republicans? I'd say the Trump factor. 18 months from now, will Trump still be a factor? Unknown.

We also don't know how the redrawn districts will effect all of this either as it hasn't happened yet. Perhaps all we need to do is keep an eye on Biden's overall job approval rating to know how the midterms will turn out. Job approval Nov of the first midterm.

Trump 39%, lost 44 seats
Obama 44% lost 63 seats
Bush II 63% gained 8 seats
Bill Clinton 43% lost 54 seats
Bush I 53% lost 7 seats
Reagan 43% lost 26 seats
Carter 47% lost 15 seats

That's the most recent. Seems a positive approval rating doesn't guarantee no losses in the house, Bush I. But it certainly limits those loses. A approval rating of Below 45 results in huge loses.
"The bigots have won": ...ever-Trumpers who refuse to quit the GQP

Us decent folk should have known the never-Trumpers were full of bluster and hyperbole. coffee
Political facts of life. Those who are Republicans are Republicans because they disagree with the political philosophy of The Democrats. Those who are democrats are democrats because they disagree with the political philosophy of the Republicans.

What the never Trumpers want, isn't to become Democrats, they want to remain Republicans without Trump being part of that equation. They'll never become democrats. They may move into the independent column for awhile, but will return to the GOP. Their political philosophy and ideology is way too different than to join the Democratic Party and vice versa is true of the Democrats, they'll never join the Republican Party.

Over the last 10 years the Republican party base or loyal Republicans has ranged between 24-30% of the electorate. Some will move into the independents column, but ultimately return to being Republicans. The Democratic base has been between 27-35% during the last ten years. Here again, some will move into the independent column for awhile, but ultimately return.

watching all of this, what this tells me is the hard core base of each party is 24% for the Republicans and 27% for the Democrats. These folks will never waver no matter what. This also means you have 6% of the electorate who are sometimes Republican, sometimes independents and will voted Democratic every once in awhile. Another 8% of the electorate are sometimes Democrats, sometimes Independents and will vote Republican every once in a while.

The conservative vs. liberal/progressive ideology is way too different/even totally opposite of their political views for them regardless of party to switch to the other party.

I think if some of these never Trumpers Republicans were to join another party, it would be the Libertarian Party which is much more in line with their political ideology, certainly not the Democratic Party which is totally opposite.. But once Trump is gone, they;'ll return to the GOP.
But once Trump is gone, they;'ll return to the GOP.
Don't think it matters about Trump.

Trump is simply whipping up the Base. The Base will be there long after Trump retires to golf/hamburger hell. Those who do not or can not speak the talk will not be welcome. he Republicans who have finally identified themselves as leaders of the Trump are in it for life. They know who controls the party. The more these characters speak with a 6th grade word salad alluding to the primary issues which motivate the Base, immigration and the economy. Can you imagine .... keep them coloreds out of our country and your lot in life will be better. If that sounds familiar .... think 1930's Germany.

The Base has been exposed to the sunlight. We know who and what they are and every Republican who wants to maintain control of power will bend the knee in obeisance.
I think an examination of our existing political parties might be of interest in all of this. Here is a quote from the internet that kinda explains:
"The First Party System of the United States featured the "Federalist Party" and the "Anti-federalist Party" (which became known as the "Democratic-Republican Party" and was sometimes called "Jeffersonian Republican")."

The federalist party just went away after the war of 1812 which left The Democratic-Republican-Party which was the only party for about 8 years and then the Republican party left that Party to be the Republican party. (that happened over slaves. The Republican party was against slavery but for Chattel slavery)

Basically, the Republicans have a long history of disagreement and has been, again basically, the party of disagreement. There is more to it than that bit, in a nutshell .............
Our first modern political party was establish by Jackson, the Democratic Party. The Federalist and anti-federalist were more of like minded clubs and folks banded together with no real modern political party infrastructure. Jefferson's Republican Party broke into many different factions after the 1820 election. All the major candidates of 1824 claimed to be Democratic-republicans or Jefferson Republicans. J.Q. Adams was the national republican northern branch of the democratic-republican party, Jackson the Jacksonian Democratic Republican, Crawford, the old national Democratic Republican, Henry Clay, had the southern wing of the national republicans of the democratic Republican party among a few others. But all claimed to be party of the Jeffersonian Republican Party.

By 1828 you were basically down to two parties, Jackson's Democratic Party and J.Q. Adams National republican party which then became the whig party. The Democratic Party has remained intact since Jackson formed them and broke away from Jefferson's Republican Party. The Whigs divided in 1856 into the old whigs and the brand new Republican Party over the issue of slavery. After 1860 the old Whig party was no more leaving our two modern political parties.

Way more to it than the little synopsis above with many twists and turns. But we pretty much continued the old federalist vs. anti federalist feud to this day. Agrarian vs. industrialist. Rural vs. city or urban.

Fact is one can't do without the other. City folks need the rural folks to grow the food and raise the livestock while rural folks need city folks to buy the food and meat they produce. Although a lot of folks with differing political ideologies sure would like to try.
I think what you are saying is that the Democrats have remained pretty consistent whilst the Republicans have not.
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