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Posted By: jgw White supremacist - 02/27/21 06:19 PM
The shite supremacist thing is not new!

Over 1.2 million US citizens of Mexican descent were deported out of the United States between 1929-1939 by federal authorities. It was claimed that the act would create vacancies for “real Americans” during the Great Depression.
Posted By: Greger Re: White supremacist - 02/28/21 06:23 PM
The shite supremacist thing is not new!

Of course it's not, we even had a civil war over it.

It had settled into deep-seated systemic racism until Obama came along and then it burst into full bloom at the atrocity of a **n-word** in the White House.

The Republicans countered that with their own openly racist president.

And here we are...
Posted By: jgw Re: White supremacist - 02/28/21 08:02 PM
I find it very odd (I seem to do that a lot). The FBI has been posting warnings about these people forever and ignored forever. Now, however, its not so easy to ignore them as they are getting kinda public with it all. When they blew up the building in Oklahoma they dialed it back a bit but, now, they are in full bloom! the question now becomes if anything about this stuff is going to be done or are we going to just let it go some more?
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: White supremacist - 03/06/21 04:31 AM
They just tried to ignore it in 1930's Germany, and look what that got them! Cancer is deadly if you ignore it and hope it goes away. Your best hope then is you die of something else before it kills you.
Posted By: rporter314 Re: White supremacist - 03/09/21 05:07 AM
an openly racist president
Trump supporters would argue he is not a racist (and they have a large inventory of items to refute the notion) and that they themselves are not racists. I suspect one reason they may actually feel they are not racist stems from Republican political leaders who have for years denied any racism in the party and possibly the Republican base has been indoctrinated successfully into believing they are not racists.

In regard to Pres Obama, many of them would say racism did not exist until Obama was elected.

So what is the virtue of being a white supremacist?
Posted By: Greger Re: White supremacist - 03/09/21 04:45 PM
many of them would say racism did not exist until Obama was elected.

Those would be the ones who hate black people for all the obvious reasons...but not because they're black...because that would make them racist.

And they aren't racists.

Obama was a racist.
Posted By: jgw Re: White supremacist - 03/09/21 06:22 PM
White supremacists actually are serious conservatives in the classic sense of the word. They Do Not Want Change! They have been in charge and they are, slowly and surely, losing to them of different colors and many are not even Christians! (which would also explain the religious notes).

Basically, the old guard is being replaced and there is little or nothing anybody can do to change it but the supremacists are willing to try! The trick, I think, is to just keep fighting until the change is complete. Obama was just the first. Now, I suspect, we will have a female president next.

This has been going on for some time and the desperation of the conservatives are being challenged about just about everything. Its not gonna stop until its settled. Hopefully we can hold on until that happens. Otherwise ............
Posted By: NW Ponderer Re: White supremacist - 03/09/21 06:45 PM
Sustaining a fight is hard, as COVID has demonstrated. And the fight against Racism/Fascism is necessary if we want to preserve this American experiment. We've been at it for a very, very long time. Two of our biggest wars were essentially over this - the Civil War in the 1860s, and WWII in the 1940s - but the conditions have not been eliminated, only temporarily abated.
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