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Posted By: Ujest Shurly The Armagedon Decision. - 09/27/20 11:50 AM
This can fit into so many other topics, I did not know where to put it. However, I do think at it's core it is a Constitutional Nightmare.

"... All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”: An Open Letter to Gen. Milley"

You, the reader, should have nightmares that this is even being discussed by ex-military and active duty military. Even more so that it may even need to be done.

eek hitsfan

Who are the authors - ‘Which side will our military be on?’ ...
Posted By: jgw Re: The Armagedon Decision. - 09/27/20 06:19 PM
This is a conversation the military has been having for a long time. For myself, I think it probably necessary given what Trump has been doing TO the United States of America and given the obvious lack of honesty, integrity or honor on the part of the United States
Senate who are, obviously, supporting the trump depredations.
Posted By: Greger Re: The Armagedon Decision. - 09/27/20 09:05 PM
Truly a blessing to be living in such interesting times!

And we're going watch this whole thing play out in real time over the next few months.
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