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Without the presidency and Twitter, Trump lies via press release but nobody care

His influence is vanishing almost as fast as his excuses and claims as Republicans seek others for the presidency and the nation moves on
Capitol Hill Blue
Dang it! Banished and vanished like a Will 'o th' Wisp!
Gone but not forgotten...eventually republicans will realize he's just a money pit.
Some already have, more will follow.
Trump may be gone as president, but he still controls the Republican Party which he is a drag to a hurt on them especially among independents. The GOP has dropped from 30% party affiliation in Nov 2020 down to 25% today mainly because of Trump. The Democrats rose from 31 to 32% and independents climbed from 38 to 41.

It seems the leaders of the Republican Party know Trump is hurting them, but are powerless or too afraid of Trump supporters to do anything about it. I usually say that their problem as they nominated Trump in the first place. But they didn't looking back at the figures, numbers. Most of the so called established Republicans were against Trump in the primaries, but couldn't decide on a single candidate to stop him from gaining the nomination. Trump won the nomination with only around 35% of the GOP primary vote. I think the party leaders knew he was toxic, but were powerless to stop him or too darn scared. They also thought Trump would lose big in the general election in 2016 and they were shocked he won. The rest is history.

Today among Republicans, Trump is held in a positive light by 79% of them, negative by 19%. It seems the Republican Party is still Trump's party, what worse it seems Trump is still in charge, twitter or no twitter. Trump may still rule the GOP, primaries but not in the general elections where independents don't like him or his followers or his anointed MAGA candidates. Trump's favorable's along with his supporters who follow him among independents are 38 favorable, 56 unfavorable.

If this trend remains and Trump remains the power broker in the GOP, that is great news for the Democrats. 2022 will end up Trump Republicans vs. both Democrats and independents and lose. But there is way too much time left to know or even think about this trend to continue. Time will tell.
King Kon vs The Turtle is a lot like King Kong vs Godzilla.

I never liked those movies...
I used to enjoy those old Japanese monster movies. That's where Raymond Burr got his start. (Perry Mason and Ironsides fame). Not so much anymore.
Trump continues to own the republican voter base, but he is slowly losing his more ways than one.

2022 is not going to be another 2010.

I hear he sits behind a replica Resolute desk and pretends he's still president...the election stolen,,,and he, ruling in exile, the rightful President of the United States.

Republicans will find a new shiny thing and will find new windmills to tilt at as he sinks into irrelevancy.
I bet he had a diet coke button installed.
I wonder where my reply to Greger went. It was there the day I posted it and then gone the next day and still gone. Any ideas?
Time warp?
I've had a few posts seem to disapear too. It could be a minor glitch in the matrix and it could be that I just forgot to click the "Post Reply" button.
That could happen if the database got restored to an earlier "save point", as part of wringing out problems with the new app.
Originally Posted by pondering_it_all
That could happen if the database got restored to an earlier "save point", as part of wringing out problems with the new app.
Hmm, I know some computers, laptops had that function of restoring it to an earlier date and time when problems arose. I'd forgot all about that. But if the system locked up or something akin to that, restoring it to an earlier time might have been the only solution or the easiest.

Still it's frustrating losing posts. I can live with it, I only lost one. So from now on out, if my post is longer than a few lines that my memory can remember, I'll save it to word just in case.
I do that a lot on other sites that let you type in a long post, but then have a problem posting it. Or sometime I'll get their error message and find I can back up the browser to the point my post is there, cut it, fix the problem (usually logging in). and then paste it into the post window. CHB is nice in that it doesn't even show you a posting window unless you are logged in.
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