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Posted By: jgw ATF Computers - 04/18/21 08:04 PM
Just making sure that everybody knows that the ATF has no computers as OUR congress has created a law that makes that illegal. Afterall, if they were allowed computers then all those people trying, with little success, to keep track of all paperwork by hand. This is because, apparently, they are not to be trusted with any information to do with guns. In the past few days there is a lot of stuff about guns. If, however, you ask the ATF who even has one they can't tell you because they are, basically, in the 18th century there. They have no choice and so............. The interesting thing is that with all the discussions nobody has even bothered to mention that the ATF is disallowed computers. Just thought I would throw this one in for those of you who don't know. (this one kinda makes gun checks to be a joke)
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: ATF Computers - 04/18/21 11:01 PM
Obviously, they do have computers because they do background checks before you can buy guns some places. The just are not allowed to keep any records tying guns to owners. But states do, and they could transfer all their electronic records to the ATF to build a pretty good uniform database in a few weeks, if congress allowed it.
Posted By: jgw Re: ATF Computers - 04/19/21 06:32 PM
The reason I put this up is because they do background checks and that is also why it takes so long and how they miss so much. This is how, for instance, the kid that killed 8 people was able to buy two guns the day before he went out to kill. This is an insanity which is, for some peculiar reason, media continues to ignore. The ATF have a pile of people going through a pile of papers because that is, exactly, what the gun folk want! There is also a problem with states actually sending information to the feds as well. Basically, the ATF has a genuine mess on its hands because the Republicans really don't want them to be able to do their jobs. Without fixing this one all the talk about background checks.

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