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Posted By: jgw History of American Hate - 06/04/21 06:08 PM
TV is full of injustice done to blacks. Its been going on for a long time and its all true. Its also interesting. Our track record in this arena is not good when you consider all of those of a different color. The Chinese are another race that has been seriously attacked over the years. Here are two sites for that one (and the two of them don't even really show just how bad whites treated them;
For slaughter this one is interesting (and there are more):
Then there is the Chinese exclusion act that, I think, is still there:

Then, of course, there our Indians. The history of just how many agreement the white man broke alone kinda puts that one on the radar. If you want to see how we "take care" of the Indians go visit virtually any tribe or group that doesn't have a casino to see how they are forced to live. It even gets better than that because some want to be recognized, have the paperwork, but whitey just ignores those ones.

My point is simple. The United States of America has a very long and dark history of not exactly dealing with those who have different colors from white in a humane way. I have always been amazed at his one because most white people I know have no idea of our history in this regard and many who do think it was probably necessary to save the white race from them evil others.

So, when you see, on your TV how poorly the blacks have been treated please keep in mind that whilst the constant concern over the blacks are real and historic that is simply not the whole story, not even close!
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: History of American Hate - 06/05/21 03:09 AM
The most horrible thing done to Native Americans (besides just killing them) was the massive attempt "to help them assimilate" by kidnapping their children and sending to "schools" (and I use that word ironically) where they were beaten if they used their native tongue, taught to mimic proper ladies and gentlemen, and sexually abused for their jailers amusement. Disgusting, and it turns out the government has still been doing that sort of crap to immigrant children.
Posted By: jgw Re: History of American Hate - 06/06/21 06:25 PM
Yep, the Canadians did the same thing but they left it up to Catholics to do the job and they were relentless abusing failures as well. Yet another story of white supremacy.

We just couldn't resist?
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