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Posted By: Ujest Shurly Trump's Tax Plan comes to roost. - 02/05/19 03:34 PM
They now are beginning to realize they were bought hook, line and sinker.

‘I trusted you!’ Trump voters seethe after realizing they’re getting screwed by the GOP’s tax plan

Now, this will sink President Donald (Cpt. Bone Spur, Coward, Traitor, Misogynist, lier, etc) Trump.

The wife part times at a local Credit Union, she has been telling me about all the Trump supporters complaining that they have to pay tax, are missing deductions they used to take, and so on. His base are not happy...
Posted By: Kaine Re: Trump's Tax Plan comes to roost. - 02/05/19 05:17 PM
My refund was half of what it was last year. I did get slightly more each week though. But overall, I think I lost. But, I did expect as much after Trumps "middle-class tax bill" It was for the middle-class alright. For the middle-class to pay more.
Posted By: rporter314 Re: Trump's Tax Plan comes to roost. - 02/05/19 09:56 PM
Trump supporters complaining that they have to pay tax ... His base are not happy

And yet, if you ask any of these folks, they will tell you they still support him and will vote for him again

Times Square? ... gun? ...
Maybe by "middle class" he meant the old classical economics definition of the word: The rich did not work, they owned land and collected rent or a share of crops. The Middle class owned factories and other businesses. They did work at running those businesses. The working class were employees. The poor were unemployed.

We have shifted the meaning of these titles. Now we call business owners rich and there is hardly a word to describe the real rich. It's actually a ploy by the real rich to hide just what "rich" means. This is why some people are freaked out by various pols calling for a 73% top tax rate on income above $10 million per year. Who makes more that $10 million per year? A few thousand people in the US and they own most of the wealth.
Posted By: NW Ponderer Re: Trump's Tax Plan comes to roost. - 02/06/19 08:40 PM
I don't want to start anything, like conservative "revenge voting", but... I literally laughed out loud in the comfort of my home at the headline "We trusted you!" About Trump. "What fools these mortals be". Anyone who actually believed Trump, really ever, was obviously a fool to begin with.
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