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Posted By: Chagos just arrived - 12/05/19 11:52 PM
Hi guys, Just to say hi from a new arrival. Some may know me from elsewhere "unspeakable".

I'll browse around for a while to get a feel for the place.
Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas Re: just arrived - 12/06/19 02:16 AM
It's not really "unspeakable", it's just that a lot of folks here had never heard of the place until I mentioned it one day.
I don't remember who suggested it but someone said, "Hey, go see if a few good ones might want to check us out here at the Rant" and I ran with it.

Welcome to the madness.
Like I said, it moves a little slower here but we're glad you're here.
Maybe as we manage to lure more new folks, the pace might pick up a little.
Posted By: Greger Re: just arrived - 12/06/19 03:18 AM
Hullo, Chagos, feel free to barge in anywhere about anything and welcome to the Rant!
Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas Re: just arrived - 12/12/19 03:55 AM
In other news...

Oklahoma Pastor Busted Running White Supremacist Prostitution Ring

Great Employment Numbers: 44% of Fully Employed Make $18,000 a Year or Less


Trump has pastor who says Jews are going to Hell deliver a speech at White House Hanukkah celebration.
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: just arrived - 12/13/19 12:36 AM
44% make $18,000 a Year or less

I knew it was bad. I didn't know it was that bad. We think a $12 an hour McJerb should pay about $24,000 per year but I guess that contains some assumptions that are just not true.
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: just arrived - 12/13/19 10:24 PM
Rents are insane. I just used Zillow to look up a random 3 bedroom house in Baton Rouge. Looked pretty nice. Going for $135,000 and renting for $1200 a month. That's 9.6% income after subtracting out property tax and insurance. Not to mention it's an appreciating asset that you can depreciate.
Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas Re: just arrived - 12/13/19 10:54 PM
Taibbi certainly is making Trump lovers very happy, or at least some of them anyway.

Originally Posted By: DP user "Trump"
"Matt Taibbi writes in Rolling Stone"

If the report released Monday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz constitutes a clearingŁ of the FBI, never clear me of anything. Holy God, what a clown show the Trump-Russia investigation was.

"Taibbi is a lefty that sees the clown show of the Dems playing out and calls them out. Glen Greenwald of the intercept is another."

I am absolutely certain that is not his intention.

But that IS why we have the words "unintended consequences" in our lexicon.

What was it I said about Glen Greenwald a few months back? LOL

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