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The board will be offline around midnight and, hopefully, will be up and running sometime on Wednesday. Sorry but servers need updating from time to time.
Thanks for the heads up.
Thanks, Doug!
ReaderRant is open again. The server move showed that the current software used for RR is not compatible with the upgraded operating system and PhP used on the new server. RR kept crashing when we tried to use it so it remains on the old server fo the time being, but that server goes offline in a week so we have to find a solution because too much of the OS and software on the old server is at end of life. We will be looking at options and will get back to everyone as soon as possible.
That sounds a little spooky....
If the compatibility problem happens to be unsigned (old) drivers that won't run under Windows 10, you can just turn on the Windows test mode. Then it will run the old drivers. I use this trick to run some older software that worked fine on Windows 7, but Windows 10 64-bit didn't like. My Windows 10 64-bit still gets automatic security updates and remembers it's in test mode.

Turning on test mode is very easy. Exactly how to do it is online if you search for it.
RR runs on Unix, not Windows. The software is several generations old. The old server is running out of steam with an operating system that is at end of life. The attempt to move to an updated server, like the one that runs Capitol Hill Blue showed this version of UBB will not run on it. The cost of upgrading is a consideration right now along with some other upgrades that are also needed. If we don't upgrade, we can' run on a server that will shut down soon. I'm negotiating for an upgrade I can afford. I'll keep folks posted. "End of life" is something I seem to be dealing with a lot these days. It's not fun. I posted an update in the moderator forum and will have to make a decision by this weekend. I've been an absentee landlord while you folks have held this place together without much help for me for too long. Whatever happens, it will be my fault.
Doug, is there a way we rank and file ranters can help with the expenses? I'd be happy to contribute.
Ditto that for me too!
Art the TAT
Thank you for the offer. Over the years, I have tried to avoid ever asking readers or RR members for help. My goal was to offer these things without needing contributions. Let me see what happens Friday when I try to get funds from clients who are expected to pay for our services and I'm still waiting for the final costs from the various software vendors. Thank you for the generous offer and suggestions and I will keep them in mind.

Thanks again for the help and support.

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