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Posted By: jgw Slavery in 2020 - 02/15/21 09:07 PM
Posted By: Greger Re: Slavery in 2020 - 02/15/21 10:05 PM
Are you surprised? It's just another indicator of end stage capitalism.
When the exploitation of the labor force becomes complete.

Neo-Feudalism perhaps?

When the billionaires finally own everything, including the workers.
Posted By: jgw Re: Slavery in 2020 - 02/18/21 06:44 PM
Not really. Its more like a human trait and more common that we think. I went for years believing that it was no more. Then, years ago, there was a stink about an Indian diplomat that had a slave serving in New York. I remember looking that one up and found it to be true.

Its still true and there are a lot of slaves in the the world. Even more interesting is that many are white and not black. This being true then it may actually be a racial thing practiced by different races?
Posted By: jgw Re: Slavery in 2020 - 02/21/21 07:37 PM
One more thing I might not have mentioned. The African nation of Liberia was formed, in Africa by the American Colonization Society (formed by a bunch of white people) 50 years before the civil war with freed slaves.

After the Civil War released slaves had two options; Stay in the United States or be returned to Africa. Those that were returned to Africa were dropped off in Liberia . One of the first thing these folks did was to enslave those who lived in Liberia.

This little fact is rarely referenced in all the history offered up by American Blacks.
Posted By: Greger Re: Slavery in 2020 - 02/21/21 08:37 PM
Kind of like the post WW2 colonization of Palestinian lands by European victims of the holocaust...who turned right around and began a program of genocide against Palestinians...
Posted By: jgw Re: Slavery in 2020 - 02/22/21 07:33 PM
That was done by the UK and the United States. We felt guilty (we were) so we educated them all. The Palestinians were the best educated group in the middle east. The rest of the middle east didn't approve of all the lern'in so the Palestinians were pariahed throughout the middle east. Always wondered about that one.

OH, almost forgot. We did that because the Jews had a serious terrorist operation going on and we, (UK and US) wanted that over so we gave up to the Jewish terrorists and gave them Palestine. The Palestinians never received any payment for what we gave to the Jews. Always wondered about that one too.

There is a movie about the Jewish Terrorists (they are heroic in this one):
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