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Posted By: rporter314 Are we at War with Iran? - 05/21/18 04:51 PM
Originally Posted By: paraphrase Sec Pompeo
The US will aim to "crush" Iran with economic and military pressure unless it changes its behavior in the Middle East, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday.

I believe we are de facto at war with Iran.
Posted By: jgw Re: Are we at War with Iran? - 05/21/18 06:09 PM
We are also telling all other nations who they can trade with. Seem that the Europeans have decided to ignore our requests and continue to offer to support the current Iran deal the Jackass rejected. If that happens we will be isolated from Europe, ie. no more trade and no more exports there. We have also gone after China for trading with Iran. I fully expect them to also continue trading with whoever they want. This means that by 2020 our entire economy will, yet again, experience what I am beginning to believe will be yet another Republican Economic Downturn due to really bad decisions.

I am, hopefully, wrong. but I actually believe that the Jackass, in collusion with Israel, would be willing to actually goto war with Iran (and Russia) to get our minds off of the resulting loss of jobs due to our isolation, when the rest of the world tells us to f*** off and continues to trade with whoever they want. Time will, of course, tell. Exports are, incidentally, a full 30% of our entire economy and are already decreasing.

Our congress, in its wisdom, is willing to go along with the Jackass which means that the Dems have a real chance here. All they have to do is to try and resist going to extremes just because they can <sigh>
Posted By: rporter314 Re: Are we at War with Iran? - 05/21/18 06:34 PM
These current events would never have been written for TV or the movies, as nothing about it is plausible i.e. no one would believe it, and yet here we are.
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: Are we at War with Iran? - 05/22/18 02:39 AM
Deciding that we love the Sunnis and hate the Shia is a bonehead move. Sunnis did 9/11. Sunnis made up Al Queda. Sunnis make up the Taliban. Sunnis make up ISIL.

Iran is the country that made a deal to get Reagan elected by holding up the hostage release until he got into office. We supplied them with a bunch of weapons. The new head of the NRA was instrumental in that deal.

So why are the Sunnis golden and the Shia dog doo?
Posted By: pdx rick Re: Are we at War with Iran? - 05/22/18 04:04 AM
Are we at War with Iran?

Two words: John Bolton

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