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The White House shared a weird photo of Melania Trump for her birthday and it became an instant meme

Greg Evans
April 27, 2019

Friday, April 26, 2019, marked the occasion of first lady Melania Trump's 49 birthday and the White House celebrated the day with a special tweet.

'What was said in this tweet?' you ask. 'Was it a heartwarming message or a nice picture of her, Donald and their son Barron all together?'

Well, no. Not exactly. Take a look for yourself.


Why the White House chose this picture rather than any other picture of Melania is a little beyond us and the rest of the internet agreed...

Very strange... eek
Click the link. I think the photoshops are hilarious.
Well, that is her job. Just to sit there so we don't think he's gay or something. Looking happy is not in her job description. Really, all she has to do is stay away from him until he drops dead. She already lived up to her part of the bargain and produced Barron.

Melanie's job: Sit there and look pretty. Not a bad of job for an air-head, mail-order bride. smile
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