Capitol Hill Blue


Senator Tommy Tuberville told Politico that he told Trump that "they just took" Vice President Pence, but there's no indication on the current public record that Trump understood that "they" meant that Pence had been taken to safety.

"They" could have been taken by Trump to mean the mob had taken Pence, just as easily as it could mean the Capitol Police had saved Pence from the mob.

It's entirely possible Trump thought Tuberville was telling him that the mob had just seized Vice President Pence and was hustling him off to the sturdy gallows they'd built on the Capitol lawn.

In fact, Trump almost immediately tweeted, after talking to Tuberville: "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify, USA demands the truth!"

That doesn't sound like Trump's relieved that Pence was just taken to safety.

What if Trump believed that Pence had been "neutralized" at that point in the process of counting the electoral votes, that the count was stopped, and that Pence would soon be dead?

Could this tweet have been his call for his allies in Congress, now that the VP was out of the picture and they were in charge, to throw the count back to the House of Representatives, where in the past he had repeatedly asserted (probably correctly) that Republicans there would give him the presidency per the 12th Amendment like in 1876?

The above supposition makes complete sense into what Donald Trump was thinking and lines-up with his Tweets - Tweets which don't make sense if the Capital Police had whisked Mike Pence away.

Reference to the Trump base as being a "mob" is interesting. That would have also meant that Trump the Mob Boss also controlled the other Mobsters. I wonder why Trump isn't referred to as "The Mob Boss" Trump? Just another one of them "words matter" things.

Mob Bosses are cunning, ruthless and smart. Donald J Trump is none of that Trump is a pathetic, weak, loser and incompetent dumbass who has been like that his entire life.

" Donald J Trump is none of that Trump is a pathetic, weak, loser and incompetent dumbass who has been like that his entire life"

Its True - Trump is a loser and has destroyed virtually anything he has ever touched. I am not convinced he is stupid, however. I think his problems happen because his brain is sick and probably very tired. I don't think he is pathetic as that would infer I should feel sorry for him - I don't. I am not convinced he is weak and almost half the electorate would agree with that. I can, however, can agree that he is a loser and incredibly incompetent. He is also, quite possibly, the greatest gaslighter of all time (he knows how to lie).

Still, passing a tax on the rich, based on what Trump wanted, would be, I think a great idea for Biden in his ongoing efforts to integrate politics. I would think this Trump Tax would almost win Biden the votes of those currently supporting our National Gasbag!
Now that you mention it ....

I have been saying for some time that had Mr Trump started shooting Democrats on the Senate floor, his Republican enablers would have defended the action by saying the Democrats deserved their fate i.e. Mr Trump would be innocent of any crime. So this speculation would fall right in line with the speculation in the article i.e. Mr Trump justifying what he thought had happened by saying VP Pence deserved it.
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