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Posted By: jgw Trump screws up - 10/27/21 06:07 PM
There are now more and more being revealed about 1/6 and its pretty interesting. What doesn't amaze me is that the entire thing was planned - poorly, executed - poorly, poorly denied, etc. I think the entire nation is, pretty much, in debt to Trump for being incapable of success in any meaningful way. I firmly believe he won because he did what he was told. My only question there is who was pulling his chain? Our problem, however, is that we can't always depend on Trump to screw up. What happens if he starts to mind them that pull his chain instead of thinking he is Trump the Great and knows everything.

Oh, I would also suggest that the only reason we are not being ruled by a great leader, right now, is because the one claiming the title screws up. What happens, however, when somebody who is not a screwup tries the same thing? We got problems and, as far as I can tell, NOBODY has a plan as to how to fix them. We, have, for instance, a government which the majority of citizens no longer trusts to do the right thing. We have a congress considered, by most, to be lower than dirt. Again - we gotta problem!

I fully expect more and more will be revealed as them involved continue to roll over on the whole deal to try and not goto prison (or go for less time). My only real question, when they get enough on those trying to destroy the nation, what, exactly, are the Dems going to do? My suspicion is that "not one damned thing" might be the answer but I REALLY hope not. The house investigation into 1/6 continues and they are finding stuff out! All that being said I suspect nobody is exactly expecting the Dems to actually do something.

I have been harping on this stuff for a long time. As far as I can tell Trump has failed at just about everything he has ever attempted. He is, I suspect, the only man in the world who was given approximately half a billion dollars and proceed to fail all over the place and went banko at least 6 times in the process! On top of that there are other billions that a German bank (forget the name) 'loaned' to him (from Russians I, and others, think).

As all of this stuff continues to be revealed I think the question remains - what is somebody going to do about this stuff. Do the members of congress, up to their necks in this stuff, remain in congress? What laws have been broken? What happens now? I find it all pretty interesting. I particularly find that nobody has raised up and said anything about trying to deal with and fix what has been going on. I also wonder - if we are dealing with traitors then just, exactly, is that going to be dealt with and by who? Oh, the other option is that it all gets ignored in the hope that it will just go away in the fullness of time. That one could be excused because of fear that any dealing with this stuff just might end in a full out Civil War.

I continue to wonder............
Posted By: pdx rick Re: Trump screws up - 10/28/21 02:03 AM
Indeed, Trump is a major screw-up. Who bankrupts casinos? The guy is a colossal moron.

The hilarious part is that he thinks he's the shits and so clever and cunning. He's everything but... rolleyes
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: Trump screws up - 10/28/21 08:21 AM
The House has already sent the request for criminal prosecution of Bannon for Contempt of Congress to the Justice Department for prosecution. That hasn't happened for decades. Trump told everybody who worked for him, and even some people who didn't, to ignore House subpoenas based on some sort of non-existence executive privilege. None the less, five or more Trump staffers have testified and supplied documents. Trump could be indicted for Obstruction of Justice for telling them not to comply. After obstructing justice 50 times, they start getting a little pissy at Justice.

So Democrats are doing stuff, but I think the Justice Department still has a lot of Trump supporters. Just like congress, the military, the police, etc.
Posted By: pdx rick Re: Trump screws up - 10/28/21 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by pondering_it_all
... the Justice Department still has a lot of Trump supporters. Just like congress, the military, the police, etc.
There is a cult of ignorance here in America, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism winds its way through our everyday lives via politics and culture. It's just sad. Hmm
Posted By: pdx rick Re: Trump screws up - 10/28/21 10:31 AM
Former DOJ official splits with lawyer before Jan. 6 testimony

Clark has drawn notoriety for his role in the final days of the Trump administration. He pushed for other senior DOJ officials to greenlight a letter falsely claiming the FBI found serious evidence of voter fraud in multiple states. At one point, Trump also discussed firing his acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen and replacing him with Clark. When the rest of the department’s top leadership learned of the plan, they told Trump in a White House meeting that they would all quit if the president followed through on it.

Congressional investigators have long sought Clark‘s testimony. And several months ago, Trump himself sent a letter to Clark and other former top DOJ officials saying he would not move to block them from participating in congressional inquiries related to his final weeks in office.

This Clark guy is a real walking, talking rectum, commonly known as an ahole. mad
Posted By: logtroll Re: Trump screws up - 10/28/21 01:17 PM
Or alternatively, an Ignoranus.
Posted By: jgw Re: Trump screws up - 10/28/21 05:34 PM
I think that everybody is wondering about the current Department of Justice. I suspect the problem to be the ongoing swamping of our legal industry and the time it takes to run something through the system. I remember one talking TV head say that the Justice Department needed some kind of dedicated system so that law suits could be taken care of quickly.

Don't think that's possible. We will see, in the fullness of time. Trump, incidentally, gets into law suits and then strings them out so long that they eventually become moot. Its one of his known techniques. Currently he has all sorts of suits going. Here is a couple of links (there are a LOT more like this one!)

I also think that if he actually gets convicted of ANY felony he can no longer stand for president.
Posted By: pondering_it_all Re: Trump screws up - 10/30/21 10:36 AM
I think disqualifying Trump would actually be quite easy. Just charge him with giving aid or comfort to insurrectionists. For example, when he said he loves them and they are "special people" after January 6th. If that isn't "aid or comfort", I don't know what is. They don't even need to sentence to any jail time or community service. They could fine him $1. Then the 14th Amendment disqualifies him from elective office unless a supermajority of congress restores his right to office.
Posted By: jgw Re: Trump screws up - 10/30/21 05:19 PM
Yep that might do it. I, personally, would prefer he do a bit of time in prison. Lord knows he has broken enough laws for that. There are a LOT of Trump investigations!
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