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Posted By: NW Ponderer The Biden Administration - 12/06/20 06:49 PM
It seemed an appropriate time to begin a Biden Administration forum, as enough States have certified their elections before the "Safe Harbor" date of December 8, that Biden can now be declared "President-Elect", and he has begun to announce cabinet and other selections.
Posted By: jgw Re: The Biden Administration - 12/06/20 08:05 PM
I have been noticing the Democrats starting to go after Biden bigtime over race. The ONLY race that has yet to go after Biden is the White race. ALL the other have been at it with vigor. This includes; black, asian, hispanic and anything in between. Their concerns are not specific, except for 'race'. Its interesting, nobody has said his choices, so far, are bad, can't do the job, etc. Just that Biden hasn't appointed the right race! This is, I guess, the beginning of the Democrats very publicly eating its own. they simply cannot help themselves. On the other side we don't see that. The supposed racist Republicans are not going after other Republicans for not favoring their favorite race when making appointments.

So, the Democrats, as far as I can tell, pretty much lost races due to their mouths working overtime. Since there are no more to lose (for the most part) the Dems can't stand it and, I guess, decided to have at each other! This interests me. Why in the world can't these people sit down and talk to each other instead of turning everything into some kind of public moment? Why?

One can only wonder what new and incredibly interesting battles they can get into with each other. They have proven that they are very good at that and, seemingly, lousy at dealing with the other side. Perhaps its just easier to attack your own rather than deal with them 'others'. Its very strange. They obviously don't really want to get along with one another, and, pretty much, don't want to get along with the other side either.

I guess, if they keep it up, people are going to start wondering just why we have two main political parties who continue to demonstrate they are not all that interested in the health of their own nation as its just easier to fight with one another?

I guess this is just another WTF moment in American politics............
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