How Republican budgets hide huge spending cuts in block grants"

so it is a typical shell game
cuts can be unpleasant
so you figure out a way to make it look like increased efficiency
when it is really just cuts
and not well thought out cuts

for example the proposed medicaid block grant would have funding be a fixed amount per state. and we have already seen that some states will have strange ideas

but more importantly
this fixed amount is the same in the face of economic need
so the current funding allowed funding to swell during the economic crisis
the new block grant would keep funding level what ever the need

kinda like a medical policy that allows you 2k i. benifits per year
fine for most years. not so fine if a big problem comes up

oh, and btw
savings are targeted at the usual suspects

obama care. medicaid. food stamps

well hey
these people are just freeloaders on the american dream

wanna bet that spending on military goes up
those fancy toys if global hegemony are spendy

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