The rhetoric is different and opposite for the major parties, but they govern close to the same. Both owe their hearts and souls to corporations, wall street firms, lobbyist, special interests, mega money donors.

Our Corporate Overlords™

Government is the only entity with sufficient power to reign them in and THEY control the government. They control the news you watch, they control they way you vote.

Our government has grown so large, no one and no party can basically[change] its direction. Perhaps all we can do is nudge it in what we consider the right direction.

Biden's election showed that collectively America was ready to swerve left a little bit.

Towards socialism. A recent poll showed that among Millenials 70% would vote for a socialist. They have taken the brunt of the damage dealt by neoliberal policies of both parties.

Young folks are just biding their time and waiting for this last crop of Boomers to die.

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