Actually there are still millions of existing Americans that need jobs. I think the last figure I saw was something between 6 and 7 million. I also think that is what is driving a lot of the anti-immigration stuff going on although the majority of immigrants are also not white as well. I continue to wonder when the United States is going to actually deal with immigrants. Before the weather stuff stops we are going to have close to the entirety of Latin America on our doorstep and its gonna get REAL bad as everybody sees us as fat, happy, and kind. They are wrong on every one of those points except for the fat part.

However, the fact remains. Our birth rate continues to fall and we need the immigrants. Last figure I saw on that one was that two people are now averaging something like single children per couple. Oh, we are not alone. Russia, for instance, actually awards them that have children. Its just strange. The Immigrants wanting in seem to have all sorts of kids whilst we don't.

Right now our own agriculture is slowing down due to the weather as well. I can still remember when the growed-up were not happy with the Arkies and Oakies when they flooded into the west. Those were Americans! If we are not very careful we are looking at the same thing, but from Latin America. The TV tells us the solution is fixing the countries where the immigrants are coming from. Everytime I hear it what I don't hear is that America is going to somehow figure out how to make it rain in Latin America because if they can't we got a problem we simply can't fix. Eventually too, I think, we will eventually be forced to put our armies on our southern border.