Recently a pipeline got shut down due to hacking their software. This is an ongoing problem, particularly when it comes to privately owned services. This particular service has almost literally shut down the eastern seaboard. There has been discussions about this. There have also been attempts at setting some rules for those services, like the pipeline in question, who can really cause problems if they have problems. Basically these hacks happen all the time to companies who have not taken care of the their computer security. This happens because it costs money and, I think, most of these companies are bottom line operations which are milking their companies for money rather than making sure they are safe from hackers.

So, they get hacked and those effected are the ones who get hurt, as well as the company itself gets beat up all because they couldn't bring themselves to take care of a known problem. The discussions were over whether or not gov should step in and force such companies to maintain their security from hacking. This means that gov would have to hire people who understand hacking and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Its pretty interesting. Our Government, for instance, hired a private company to fix some of its security and the company that got hired also got hacked and then the hacker followed it chances and hacked government computers! There is, obviously, a problem and EVERYBODY has these problems if they know it or not. I am for gov making rules. I think one of the main problems that even gov really isn't all that smart when they hire somebody who is supposed to understand and they become responsible for their client (gov) to get hacked.

I think its really time for gov to do its job but, obviously, they can't do that until they actually figure it all out and I am not even sure what that means and if they actually can do it. How about this one. Just pass a low that any company that gets hacked means they haven't taken care of their own problems and not its spread to its customers. That being the case that company will now become responsible for their lack of security which allowed the hack to occur and can be sued by customers who have lost money because of their apparent inability to take care of their computer problems.

Oh, they should also licence companies which fix security problems. When they fail they pay. If they make promises they can't keep - they pay.

Anyway - this is a problem and its widespread and shoun't happen but can. Its said that our power grids are flat out open to hacks right now. They can fix it but, I suspect, greed is in the way?

It is, I think, time to do something?