Don't forget to add the fact that all information on COVID is now controlled by Trumpers.

Trump has gifted today's America with what used to be a uniquely Russian take on reality.
The ideal societal overlay that will get Trumpers where they want to be is a society conditioned to not know reality from lies, and which bears an open hostility toward education by anyone outside a local circle of neighborhood politburo influencers and conspiracy theorists. The ideal they seek is total control over the flow of information.

Total information control is an authoritarian wet dream, and for Trumpers here in America, it's their new's like having "the new iPhone".
They will play with each manufactured scandal until the "screen" of credibility cracks, they'll throw it away and then return almost immediately with the next "iPhone" and lather, rinse, repeat.
But never forget that in the grand scheme of things, they see themselves as Apple Corp, so as long as it's an "iPhone" it doesn't matter...because it's their "iPhone" and the only thing that matters is that no one must ever be allowed to choose "an Android".

A total reset on the pandemic is exactly what Trumpers want.
Trumpers will stop at nothing to gift us with a repeat of 2020.

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