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#337581 10/23/21 05:44 PM
Joined: May 2006
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jgw Offline OP
old hand
OP Offline
old hand
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 4,378
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We have a problem with government and that problem grows worse, year after year. I suspect that the problem is OUR bureaucracy. As far as I can tell people have lost faith in the ability of our government to properly function and wasting tax dollars is part of that. The last time our bureaucracies were dealt with was by Harry Truman in 1948 with the Hoover commission that was responsible for something like 8 major overhauls of our government. I have written, over the years, to all my elected suggesting that they do that again. I have been whining about this one for years. There are all sorts of examples of government failures. The FDA is one and there are a lot more.

Its also interesting that my elected no longer actually reply to any missive. Now I get a beg for money if i write to them instead.

Put all that together and we gotta problem and that problem is our government and how it functions. We just quit a 20 year trillion dollar mistake. Its REALLY time we overhaul our government. The real problem is that everybody knows that's just not gonna happen. Its just going to get worse and worse. I am actually not sure that the bureaucracies of the United States aren't the ones really in charge.

I remember a time when folks cared about government bureaucracies and books about the subject. I just googled "current books about bureaucracies" and there are several of them. I guess the problem is simply being ignored by the media and if its ignored by media its just not worth the time (as everybody knows). I wonder if anybody has ever even bothered to study our media and report on the things that are simply not covered (and who makes the rules about what does get covered). That might also make interesting reading.

Again - People have, or are starting, to lose faith in their government. It just doesn't work. Our congress is, obviously, a completely broken waste of time. Over the years the congress has gifted the presidency with what used to be power reserved for the congress but, obviously, they had bigger fish to fry so they have transferred that power to the presidency and Trump, for one, understood that (or them that push the presidential buttons).

I should also mention that in private industry there are any number of companies that exist simply to study how, and what, other companies are doing. Their main secret is that they come from outside of a company and are trained to test and recognize things that companies themselves don't see. I used to hire one that came in, every year, and figured out how I was doing. They never failed to find at least one thing that needed fixing. I used to know about a company who charged based on money saved by the company that hired them. The guy who owned that one, now dead, made literally millions of dollars doing that. As far as I know government doesn't do that or hire anybody to do that for them.

If we had a working commission, for instance, they could start by examining each and every agency of government just to see what they are supposed to be doing and what they are actually doing. Betcha that one would be a real hoot. Remember, we just finished a trillion dollar mistake which took over 20 years to put a stop to.

Its really, really, time for government to fix itself - BIG TIME! People are getting worried about our 'system'. Many are convinced that the 'system' has failed and its time to replace it. The interesting thing is that NOBODY if fixing anything!

jgw #337583 10/23/21 06:29 PM
Joined: Sep 2019
Posts: 1,740
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Joined: Sep 2019
Posts: 1,740
Likes: 12
Let me repeat something here, we have the best government money can buy. The bureaucracy, they’re all civil servants who’s been on the job for decades. They worked there prior to any president who might want to make change and will be there long after that president leaves. You’re right about congress, they’ve ceded many of their Constitutional Powers to either the administration or to different government agencies or departments. Congress is basically powerless and useless. Trust in government, that went out the window during Watergate.

Congress’s main problem is the members of congress of the president’s party are more part of the administration than members of the institution of congress. They try to give the president everything he wants and are more than willing to give the president more of their power. The last Speakers that stood up for the power of congress, for retaining congress’s constitutional powers were in my opinion, Sam Rayburn, Carl Albert and Mike McCormick. The rest have become pawns of the administration. Those three would fight a president, even if of their party for the rights and powers of congress.

Today, we expect congress to lie to us, presidents to lie, we don’t trust them. We rate our elected officials when it comes to honesty, trustworthiness below used car salesmen. While I agree with your rant totally, I don’t expect anything to be done about.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.
jgw #337652 10/24/21 08:33 PM
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 4,378
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jgw Offline OP
old hand
OP Offline
old hand
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 4,378
Likes: 12
I am just asking my government to do what most successful companies do - get experts, outside of government, to come in and examine each and every agency. The experts would do two things. The first would make sure that the agency is doing what its supposed to be doing. The second thing is to make sure that the agency is being run an an acceptable manner, not wasting their time nor creating work for themselves.

Its absolutely necessary to have somebody, from outside, do this kind of stuff. It just doesn't work for those inside to do it. There are books written about this stuff. bureaucracies tend to abandon their mission over time and Bureaucracies also tend to create work for themselves. There is a lot more stuff they do but it boils down to wasting their time and employer's money.

This seems pretty simple to me. Here is one. The department of defense was told to do an audit and they have failed - FOR YEARS! Audits of government agencies always seem to be done by them inside. It just doesn't work! The feds have all sorts of agencies that exist to watch what the other agencies are doing. It DOES NOT WORK! Just wastes money!

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