Actually I think libertarians have a way of making the rest of us look stupid. We aren't. It's a little like Schrodinger's cat but it's a game played with holes and pegs, the libertarian, (usually Issodhos), presents us with a round peg and a round hole, it looks like an easy fit so we insert it as per the instructions, the peg immediately turns square! If we instead attempt to insert it into the square hole then suddenly the square hole is round. While Schrodinger's Cat is simultaneously alive and dead our pegs are simultaneously round and square when we try to fit them to the libertarian equation whose holes are equally simultaneously square and round in a perfectly opposite sequence. We non-libertarians are endlessly frustrated by the game while the libertarian (usually Issodhos;)) is endlessly entertained.
We gnash teeth, he crunches popcorn, Schrodinger's cat is dead and alive.
Libertarianism is a good theory with one small fatal flaw(in my opinion) It can't work unless everyone is identical. If everyone in the world were exactly like Isshodos it would be a perfect world. Failing that the cat is alive or dead but can never be both. That only works for libertarians, for instance, if everyone in the world was like me it would be a friggin mess.
Come to think of it everyone in the world is a lot like me and it's a friggin mess.

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