no no no.
A libertarian is a person who states that "government is best that governs least".

It's a fine notion, until you want roads, education, civil infrastructure, law enforcement, mail delivery, and in this day and age of 1700 dollar a day bed rates, HEALTH CARE for people who cannot afford the 700 dollar a month family health insurance from an HMO that will invariably reject your claim the second you come down with a serious illness which will put your life in jeopardy.

You will die a libertarian death "because the market said so", or because "health care corporations are in business to make money".

In fact, the phrase "are in business to make money" is a catch all used to defend all manner of libertarian and conservative rapine alike.

Fred Reed put it so beautifully in
when he said:

(5) A lack of esthetic sensitivity. Where other people see a towering redwood forest as a place of contemplation, of solemn ancient beauty and God�s handiwork, the conservative (of the type I am talking about) sees timber suitable for making weatherproof decks for yuppies (at a good profit).

The only difference between the libertarian and the conservative is that the conservative will take you to court while the libertarian will either stand there and wait for the market to speak for him or he might pipe up and tell you that you're infringing on the conservative's individualism, as well as their rights as a juristic person, of course.

And he'll do it from high atop his mountain valhalla.
Want roads? Let the free market provide them.
Want schools?
Don't tax me, find a business that will open one to train little Johnny to install widgets. Maybe they'll throw in some history and arithmetic and a sack lunch, for a nice profit of course.

Dammit, why should he have to pay taxes for your little Johnny's school when he has no kids of his own?

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