I disagree, 2wins, as I do not find his writing(s) to present any kind of minefield provided one reads carefully and pays attention to exactly what has been said. He is very precise in his meanings, and any problems generally arise because someone has tried to reword or redefine what he has actually said.

we shall have to agree to disagree on that one, ron. i think there is a fine game of cat and mouse being played, for the most part. as for the roots thread, well i didn't have any issues with iss on that, and took it at face value. rarely do i do that with him, however. i think greger's analogy above sums it up for me. that said, perhaps i should return to my former sig line, "to each his own, molly said as she kissed the cow."

sure, you can talk to god, but if you don't listen then what's the use? so, onward through the fog!