I dunno...I think most Austrian Economists would argue that there has not been a "Free Market" for a long time. Since 1913 at least, if not longer. They would argue that the current economic mess has been caused by the Fed and government interference on many levels. Yes, I am aware of the deregulation that went on and the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act, and yes it was a stupid thing to do. They are also very strongly opposed to the bailouts of the financial institutions that made these risky loans and in a free market, they would not be recieving our tax money at all. They would be allowed to fail. I guess we are going to give socialism a try now. It seems to be what everyone wants...all that wonderful health care a la the USSR. Well, not socialism really. We are going to have a privately owned and operated government. I imagine health care will be even better under the new system. I consider myself a libertarian, but sometimes "Libertarians" go too far. Less government yes,but we need a little government so we can have roads, law enforcment, etc. I think what has been described thus far might be best described as "anarchy". It's of interest to me how easily people like to pigeon hole those who disagree with them and demonize what they believe. Every one does it, left, right, whatever. It gets downright hostile. Because of this, we are a doomed society. Like George Carlin, I'm just gonna munch popcorn and enjoy the show as we self destruct. smile

"When fascism comes to this country it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross"-Sinclair Lewis