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What does YOTF have to do with it? Or do you have a different meaning for the term? If so, have the guts to spell it out.
It has nothing to do with organic chemistry. Note that the OTF are subscripted to the Y - you got this article as a consequence of most google-searches being case-blind.

My apologies for using the term w/o a background - I thought it had been used previously on RR.

Several years ago on our other shared forum, Issodhos introduced the YOTF rating as a gauge of the quality and elegance of an argument - usually the lead post in a thread - in engaging another poster - expressed as if one were rating an angler going after a particular species.

YOTF - Year of the Fish, a reference to the Chinese calendar, and the year it was introduced to us, IIRC.

rating: 0-10 - range indication increasing skill, elegance and sophistication in choice of lure, presentation and handling of the target once hooked.

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