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What does YOTF have to do with it? Or do you have a different meaning for the term? If so, have the guts to spell it out.
It has nothing to do with organic chemistry. Note that the OTF are subscripted to the Y - you got this article as a consequence of most google-searches being case-blind.

My apologies for using the term w/o a background - I thought it had been used previously on RR.

Several years ago on our other shared forum, Issodhos introduced the YOTF rating as a gauge of the quality and elegance of an argument - usually the lead post in a thread - in engaging another poster - expressed as if one were rating an angler going after a particular species.

YOTF - Year of the Fish, a reference to the Chinese calendar, and the year it was introduced to us, IIRC.

rating: 0-10 - range indication increasing skill, elegance and sophistication in choice of lure, presentation and handling of the target once hooked.

Thanks for rating the argument. Now that you have given your opinion about my argument, how about saying something substantive instead?

You know, on another thread a big deal was made about my calling into question the lead post and I got pretty well banged up about it.

Interesting that all either you or issodhos can post on this thread are critiques of my skills at arguing.

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