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So Ron, you admit it is all true. Thanks.
No, Phil, I admit to no such thing, any more than I'd admit to Issodhos being irresponsible in leading off with a Buchanan piece in his "roots" thread.

Or just don't have the stomach for a discussion?
I've done only a quick-read of it, however, I find that much of what is stated about the libertarian philosophy does not square with my own understanding of those principles, nor with the beliefs of the rather small number of libertarians with who I am acquainted.

I'm an [old-style | principled | paleo-] conservative, and that means I do share to a lot of their philosophy; however, I'm not sure if I understand all parts of it well enough to be defending it.

However, I perceive that the person you really want an exchange with is Issodhos, the one person here clearly identifiable as a libertarian; thus, the flame-bait title and my still-standing YOTF rating of 2.

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