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I think it is that concept - that a discussion or debate involves a lure (or perhaps bait) and getting hooked (or snared, perhaps) that some might find less than straightforward; most of us would rather be the fisher than the fished - even better, to converse without checking for lures.

I, also, would much rather engage in a disinterested and co-operative search for truth, rather than attempt to catch and eat other human beings. But I will not hold my breath waiting for others to join me in my noble goals.

It may surprise some people that I have a great deal of sympathy for Libertarianism and its goals; I would wish it great success if.... Ah, yes, IF! Frankly, it makes me feel like a frustrated lover. As I get close to Libertarianism, I start finding it repellent, even a little frightening! There is an element of fanaticism about it, a blinkered vision, an inability to let complex reality interfere with the quasi-religious dogma Libertarians embrace. They seem only to see the (very real) sins of government, and to ignore sins which would arise from other centers of power, once the dragon of Big Government is slain. (I think principally of the power of Mega-Business and other centers of financial power)

As long as Libertarians are so narrow-minded and obsessive, I must part company with them. If people do not have a sense of balance in their political views, I think they are dangerous.

Although I like political theory, I am very suspicious of it. Ideally, I think politics should be an experimental science; that it should start with a variety of small scale models, that the bugs should be worked out before political procedures are scaled up to wide scale application. Above all, there should be flexibility, an awareness that there are "different strokes for different folks," there is no "one size fits all" in human affairs, and above all, circumstances change, and we should change with them.

But what do we see in history? People with inflexible theories, who are easy prey for scoundrels who flatter them; rigid and fossilized social institutions that fight tooth-and-nail to protect parasitic and narrow interests.

Nothing changes until there is a catastrophic crisis, and then everything changes, without the careful thought and preparation that should precede political change. Chaos, waste, and incredible suffering are then inevitable.

Really, how can I have any respect for most humans, when they are so incredibly stupid not to see facts that are so blindingly obvious!

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