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Thanks for rating the argument. Now that you have given your opinion about my argument, how about saying something substantive instead?
Okay. Do any of the writers actually say that libertarianism causes stupidity? I do not believe that they did; thus it would appear that your post title was purely to inflame and bait.

No, I do not have a problem with you trying to bait Issodhos. After all, I believe it was your opinion that he was trying to bait others. So, it's that goose/gander thing. Also, I doubt seriously that Issodhos is overly concerned that you appear to be trying to bait Issodhos.

You know, on another thread a big deal was made about my calling into question the lead post and I got pretty well banged up about it.
I believe my concern was not with the lead post per se, but rather what you and others were trying to say it said about Issodhos.

Interesting that all either you or issodhos can post on this thread are critiques of my skills at arguing.
I can't speak for Issodhos; however, as stated elsewhere in this thread, I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable of the breadth of libertairian philosophy to be qualified to conduct a general defense of it.

I take that as an open admission that you got nothing.
In this case, I'm nothing but a strawman for you to hold up as an excellent (non)example of a libertarian. Perhaps you can point out where I claimed to be one?

As I say, libertarianism is crap put forth without good intentions by people who have no real world experience or responsibilities.
That's a rather broad and irresponsible statement to make, isn't it...considering that you know nothing of Issodhos except what he's mentioned here. Isn't that what is called the fallacy of hasty generalization?

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