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However, I perceive that the person you really want an exchange with is Issodhos, the one person here clearly identifiable as a libertarian; thus, the flame-bait title and my still-standing YOTF rating of 2.

No doubt, Ron. And I will probably agree to be Phil's "huckleberry" in this thread, but at the moment I am still intrigued with and mentally dwelling on the "rootedness" - "blood and soil" thing. One thing I find somewhat humorous is the claim by some that they are here to cooperatively seek Truth, when in reality, anyone who has been on the Internet and sought to interact on that level quickly found that what such claimants almost always really mean is that they are eager to join a choir that will re-enforce their own thoughts without meaningful critique.:-)
Yours in "il gran rifiuto",

"When all has been said that can be said, and all has been done that can be done, there will be poetry";-) -- Issodhos