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AustinRanter, I did not mention any party. As issodhos has correctly pointed out, libertarianism is quite a different thing from the Libertarian party.

I call into question the entire philosophical/political underpinnings of the libertarians.

Sorry, Phil...

Guess I missed the gist. But, let me change my comment to:

Democratism - Republicanism - Libertarianism = Surrendering One's Ability to Engage in Free Thinking

And just for grins...throw in any other "political ism" on the left side of the equation and the equation still works.

I know, I know...now it appears that I've injected "anarchyism" into the topic. On this day of May 2009, our nation is so ismed out...I can't tell which is worse.

Turn on ANY brand of political machine - and it automatically goes to the "SPIN and LIE CYCLE" wink

Yours Truly - Gregg