Probably nothing would have happened. Not much profit could be gained by landing some guys on the moon and having them gather samples. Until technology can make mining minerals on the moon and elsewhere viable, most companies are going to stay right here on earth. Some aspects of libertarianism make me just shake my head, like privatized roads, privatized law enforcement(shudder). Privatized prisons(double shudder). Some things don't need to be privatized. Some things can't be privatized because there is no way to make money performing those tasks, and therefore will not get done. Prisons don't need to be privatized, even though I suspect that has already happened, since we have so many people in prison now. What I fear we are seeing develop here in the USA is an unholy alliance with big business and big government. Our freedoms and rights get in the way of their profits and must be eliminated. Nothing personal, just business.

"When fascism comes to this country it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross"-Sinclair Lewis