from what i can see, libertariansim would reduce the amout of govt created problems. problems often created by attempts to make changes or fix other problems.

however a changeover to libertarianism would lead to a host of new problems in itself, and leave us with no formal mechansims to attempt to resolve common problems.

the philosophy of libertarianism is very useful to inform action, it provides a very neccessary counterbalance, but i think that a society based on it would not work.

or at least it has never been adequately explained how it might work. I would appreiate it if it could be explained by the adherents of libertarianism.

how would common problems be resolved?
how would the free market be kept free from being distorted? Surely any structures or mechanisms created in this new society would dsitort the market.
how would say the route of a road or the location of a hospital be decided upon?
How would such a society protect itself?
How would its laws (however few) be enforced? - in essence how would the violence of the state be managed.
On what basis would limited resources be distributed?
How would the weak/defenceless/destitute people be catered for?

Im would also be very interested in how people who wish to have democratic involvement in the economy, in how decisions are made etc are to be reconciled with this new society without it being forced upon them.

As there are no real world examples of a libertarian society* this would indeed be a thought experiment, and any answers arsing from these questions would be purely hypothetical, so im not looking for exact details. Im also not saying that existing systems dont have major problems with all of the above, but im not willing to take a leap of faith on somethign different without some kind of benefit!

and yes, it is me you have to convince! How else will the libertarian utopia be created without convincing people of its merits? I cant be forced into it without libertarians crapping all over their own philosophy.

Im seeking a more general understanding of how such a society/economy/polity would work. But until there are some reasonable answers to the above questions, im afraid libertarianism as a practical philosphy for the basis of a society/community remains a utopian fantasy. We have had these discussions before, but never once has it been adequately explained.

*The closest i can think of is some of the anarchist communities that arose during the Spanish Civil War.

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."
(Philip K.Dick)